Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Running Info

Just a little bit of random info about me and my running:
Started running in 2000. Member of the Greenville Track Club in SC since then. Run 10-12 races a year these days. Did 2 half-marathons and 1st and only (so far) marathon in 2001 - Rock & Roll San Diego (I'm on the right on the photo). Have hoped every year since to do another, but fought injuries for 5 years. No races in 2005; 2007 was healthy (mostly) and finally completed my 3rd half-marathon. 2008 will try for the NYC Marathon lottery again. Wear Asics shoes, brooks shirts (mostly). Don't mind rain, shorts are fine if over 40 degrees. Run at lunch during the week, early mornings on weekends for my long, slow runs (don't mind getting up early to run!). Wish I ran trails more. Wish there were more duathlons closer - I am not a swimmer. Guess I will leave it at that.