Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Recap - Rejuvenated!

Ok- I'm back. Until my vacation starts this afternoon for the next week and a half. Think the break has re-charged me, hoping I haven't peaked too soon - as far as my running goes and my blog. The last 3-4 months has seen a slow, hot Greer Half-Marathon (my 3rd, slowest), a trip to Florida, a very pleasant 15k at Biltmore (a PR!, yes - it is my only race of that distance), a work trip to Mexico, a surprisingly fast Sunrise Run, and a work trip to Spokane.
Average 22 miles/week, long runs got up to 14.4 and 15.3. Have another 14 miler this coming weekend (in Rock Creek Park in DC). Got some trail running in at Paris Mountain, even though I will miss both GTC trail runs this year. Ride my bike to work once a week - would do it more but it interferes with my running schedule. Started doing yoga once a week.
But here's the BIG NEWS: I got into the NYC MARATHON for this year. November 2nd! Already have my plane tickets - so I am going no matter what. More on my excitement in another blog...but yes - I am very excited. I am 2+ weeks into my Runners World/FIRST training plan. 3 days a week running, some X-training, 3 20 milers scheduled (we'll see how That goes! I looked at my 1st marathon training, obviously no guide, and I did a few 13-14 milers only). Have a new pair of 2130's to break in. Have been trying to break in some 2120 Trail shoes, but there's a frequent blister on my right arch that's annoying after 8-9 miles. Had hoped to wear them for this weekend's run, but no. Will have 2 days of running at the beach next week. Cross-training will take a break except for much beach walking.
Maybe someday I'll work on formatting this so it doesn't seem to ramble so much. It will anyway - it just may not Look like it rambles! Have more to say - will just have to wait until I return! Enjoy!