Thursday, July 30, 2009


So the GTC 2 miler on Tuesday did not happen due to weather. Was unsure before I left to go out to Furman as the clouds were dark in that direction. never did rain, but did see some lightening, so I was not surprised by the decision. Probably just as well though - I hadn't been doing speed work and more than likely would have been disappointed in my time. As you know - I don't run well in the heat, and 84° and humidity definitely qualify!

It did throw off my schedule for the week. Missed my Tues run, so that was moved to Wed morning. My Wed x-training to Thursday, but something came up at lunch, so today was a rest day. Tomorrow I will run and see how I feel - hoping for 5-7. Saturday is back to Paris Mtn for a hike with the Kelty and 25 lbs.
Yes - that is an actual photo! I hope to spice things up a little - not that it will garner my blog more followers, but it is more fun for me to look at too!
Sunday is my long slow run and I must learn to run slow if I am to run that far right now. Plus - starting earlier so I am done before the sun comes up over the trees there - even if that means starting at 5:15am.
On another note - the Blue Ridge Relay is getting closer - 6 weeks from today I'll be heading up to Boone, NC to stay the night before the race start. Smack talk has begun among the 100 or so teams (I doubt anyone is smack-talking the guy running the whole 208 miles by himself; I personally think he shouldn't be allowed as then it technically isn't a relay!). Should get interesting. Once I actually see the other two blogs where this is occurring - I'll post links. Egads - First photos, and Then links? Whatever will I come up with next??
(PF is still on and off - today was a good day).

Sunday, July 26, 2009

run & hike

So my self-diagnosed PF came back this week. Nothing major, but there. I need to look up remedies again because I really haven't changed anything. Good week though...after my nice 6 miler Tuesday, Cross trained Wed with time on the rowing machine, elliptical and bike. Ran 5+ more Thursday morning, then today got out and ran 10. Wanted to stop at 6 or so, but did make it all the way. Just hot and tired (70 this morning at 6am), legs felt it - although I enjoy the feel my legs get when I am pushing past the point where I want to stop. Got home, showered, ate (again) and headed out again. Yesterday - we received a package we had ordered earlier in the week...a Kelty Kids backpack. Perfect for our 8 month old and I wanted to try it out. Off we went to Paris Mountain State Park. 3+ miles later, baby was asleep on my back and it was time to head home. Definitely will take getting used to - carrying 25+ pounds on my back, but right now I only feel it in my shoulders. Think a pack adjustment is needed before the next outing!
Ran into a BRR teammate on the way home - she's just as excited as I am about it, even though I am the only one she knows. We are planning to get out for one of the Tuesday evening Paris Mtn trail runs with some other BRR-ers. Less than 7 weeks left!
Still undecided on the track run Tuesday, leaning towards yes since a coworker is running it. Will post again after that...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


OK - so I have been slacking off on my posts. Baby, travel and guests all had a major hand in it for the last 16 days. Over the last 2 weeks - what's new? A few average runs before heading to Arizona and a HS reunion. No runs or hikes there (in the 115° weather) but did ride the stationary bike for 45 minutes and spent quite a bit if time in the pool. This past week (w/guests) ran 4 days, but nothing longer than 5 miles. Met some of the BRR team for the first time as we ran up the road (and back down) to the top of Paris Mtn (in the park, which really isn't at all like it seemed on the other side of the mountain). I walked quite a bit to keep a fellow teammate company. Not sure if the hills led to some slight left sole (PF?) pain the came back the next day. Bah.
Decided on my runs last week that either the weather/heat has really taken its toll on my endurance or it's the lack of long runs - but it has just been hard out there lately and a fall marathon is 90% off the books. Was down to 66° this morning and had a very good 6 miler - so that was nice. Registered for the Paris Mtn 7k in August, so we'll see if hills make my foot act up again. Would love to run at Paris Mtn to train for that, but it's hard coming home so late with my wife taking care of the baby all day long. Maybe I'll get out there once before then. We did buy a 12 month park pass, so we should at least get some hiking in.
As I said - I met some of my BRR teammates...and we have 11 now, with a 12th likely. That is a relief as we certainly have some members that are struggling thru injuries and/or lack of running. Think there are now 2 that I have not yet met...
Need to add another pair of my 2130's into the rotation (by that I mean start a rotation). I may need a 2nd pair ready for the BRR.
This is a rambling post - but things are disjointed, so why not?
Unsure if I will do the GTC 2 miler next week. Would not expect to do what I had originally hoped (under 13), but should still PR (by beating 14:18). I'm Way down in the running series standings, and have not done speed work at all lately. No need to decide before next week.
That's all for now...will try to be better about posting.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


I got 90% done with this post, then lost it all. We'll see how far I get this time!
Felt rather good after last weekend's 10 miler and had high expectations for the coming weeks. Monday had my lunch time yoga class, but had some foot pain that evening that stretched into Tuesday. Ran that morning anyway, cancelled my trail run and walked 9 holes of golf after work instead. May not have been the best idea. My left foot hurt enough Wednesday and Thursday that I actually took Aleve - which I hardly ever do. Seemed to have sign of PF - plantar fasciitis, pain on the mid-sole of the foot (less so on the actual heel). I think I over stretched it during yoga class. I have Never had that pain before in my 9+ years of running. I added some gel heel inserts in my shoes on Thursday morning. Iced it some also and by Friday was feeling better. Even though spent alot of time on my feet for the 4th of July festivities, felt good enough to run this morning. Knew I'd not be doing my scheduled 14 miler as indicated in the 14th week marathon plan). Hoped for about 8. Not terrible out and had some rain that you couldn't even feel - ended up running about 7, plus walked 1 just to cool down. Late in the day now and I feel no worse. Planning a normal week, until I fly to Phoenix Thursday afternoon for a reunion. I will get some running/hiking in out there. More on that later!