Monday, December 29, 2008

Goals for 2009.

In response to Megan's goals and her possibility of doing a marathon, thought I should get mine down officially. I may be repeating some, but they will all be here!
#1: Break 1:20 in the 10 mile distance. Two tries planned - Feb 7 and Apr 26 (assuming there is No marathon a week later). I would say break 22 minutes in the 5k, but I only have one planned right now (Run Downtown Jan 24th), and I won't say I will PR there. I will Not do all 10 races of the GTC Running Series in 2009 (as in 2008), but should do 7 or 8 of them. I will do Sunrise, and even though I could possibly PR there (38:32 is current PR from 2002), I will likely do my 1st race pushing a stroller! Very excited about that. Technically - I could call that a PR w/ stroller. There - another goal, #2: do a race with my daughter. #3: do a marathon with my brother, which should be Richmond, assuming all goes well with his (and my) training after his Many many years of not running (but completing 2 marathons ~15 years ago). Want to attempt a PR in a marathon and break 4 hours, but not sure I'll be able to find one to do in May where the weather will permit it. NC marathon in Greensboro is great location-wise (May 2nd), but avg lows of 55 and highs of 77. I will play that one by ear...I expect I will PR in the GTC 2 miler in July, and hope to in the 15k Biltmore race I am planning to run in again this year. I will Not PR in the 10k this year. That is a given.
Guess that will do it. 3 strong goals, and maybe a few more PR's if things go well! One more run tomorrow before the year ends, and will start it off New Years Day with a 5 Mile run with speedwork. Best of luck to everyone who sets any kind of goals for 2009, even if it is just to get out and walk One day!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

xmas. May Marathon?

So it's Christmas and I will go for a run later on. Think 5 miles, with some speedwork in there. Ran at lunch on Tuesday, just over 5 miles. Yes - it was chilly, but still in shorts. Did wear a 2nd short sleeve shirt under my l/s one. It was about 35° but mostly sunny. When it's that cold, I have started running with a head wrap that just covers my ears. Works great!
Am now thinking of a marathon late May/early June. I know I'd have to travel for that (none around here that I know of due to warm temps, which I do not like running in), and I may be traveling to Ohio over Memorial Day weekend, so I may not want to travel back to back like that. We'll see. Too bad the Cleveland Marathon is the weekend before I will be there! I will do Richmond in the fall, running with my brother. I figure I would not be able to run all out in that one because I'd want to run it with him (he may be faster than me - but still), so I was thinking I could do one before that and push myself some, what I did not do in NY. I will keep looking...
Oh - also trying to figure out if I should try my older shoes out again. When I had run in them - I would get some pain in my right shin area. I never knew if it was because of my training or the shoes. I am in Asics 2130's now ("structured cushioning") and I have 2 pair of Landreth's and one pair of Nimbus (both "cushioning"). ANyone know if that could pose a problem? I'll ask over at Fleet Feet next time I am there...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Back to the long run!

This past week, did 4 miles twice during lunch on the ICAR campus and a yoga class (plus 1 mile on the treadmill beforehand). So this was my first weekend long run (not counting the marathon) since mid-October. Went out in the sunny 59° weather with some wind which was very nice and wanted to see how far I could muster, hoping for 10 miles. Ended up doing just that! Felt good too. Muscles a little tight, but feet/heel/felt great! This past week I started planning my training for the next few months - a 10 miler training plan (leading up to Green Valley) and following that up with a half marathon training plan for the GW Parkway 10 miler. Hmmm - now that I look at the plan - I was only supposed to do 8 today. Oh well! May have found a Half marathon to do right after that up in Hickory, NC. After 6 PR's last year, I think I have some more in me (15K, 10 miler, not sure about the 10k, but hopefully the half and full marathons too! Throw in the 2 miler I do every summer too).
Odds and ends: Baby is obviously doing well - and I am always Very thankful my wife understands my need to run (she's seen my crankiness when I can't run). No real vacation this holiday season, so my running should be about normal. Pumped up the tires on the jogging stroller we have even though I won't be able to use it until the baby is ~6 months old (May). May try it out on the Sunrise Run 8k. Almost time for shoe-sale season - will probably get another pair of my 2130's. Got "Once A Runner" and the sequel, "Again to Carthage" (Haven't read that one yet" for x-mas from my brother. Very excited to find it - Fleet Feet has them exclusively I think for a few more months. That'a all today...hopefully more before next weekend!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

4 PR's in 6 weeks - what gives?? Choosing a shorter race.

Paris Mtn 5k. 7th time I've run this (I missed 2004 when I did No races!). Fastest was my 1st (fastest 5k ever until Oct 2008). After the Spinx 5k and NYC - I haven't been doing too much training at all, so another PR was quite a surprise. (Still have the heel thing, but put in a heel insert earlier this week, and that helps, I'd say it's at 80%). 22:27, so another 13 second drop. Won't have that at Greenville News next month! Nice cool weather (~35deg and sunny). I've always felt uncomfortable not running the longer of the races when there are multiple events on the same day. If there's a 5k and a 10k - I feel like I should do the longer one. As I've never done the 20k - it had always bothered (May be a strong word - but just seemed something was missing) me seeing other people running it as I drive home having done the shorter 5k. Today was different though. Having ran up the mountain 2 weeks ago - and knowing that I Could have done that race today, plus being smart for once and Not running one that I maybe shouldn't - I felt good about choosing to do the shorter race. I'm always for cheering on runners - it amazes me how many people are at the finish line standing there quietly until they see the one person they know - then they cheer. Too bad they can't cheer a little for the other people - it certainly puts extra spring into their steps! I'm off subject - and I have my baby here - so I'm off a few days! It Does feel good to run on the weekend again! Don't want another break for a while!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Paris Mtn 5k

So I am going to drop down to the 5k I think. Heel is still an issue, but getting better. Ran 5.5 today and felt fine. I could probably do the 20k, but am looking ahead to the Green Valley 10 miler in Feb and the GW Parkway 10 miler in April. Got back to doing yoga yesterday and getting some cross training in last week too. Still working on getting my mileage back up to 20/wk. Wish I hadn't pushed too hard on the trail run - but I hope I have learned my lesson!
With the temps and weather lately, I am glad to be able to get out and run during my lunch time. Have too much going on in the mornings with the new baby to even think about doing more before work. Getting on here is a chore, but mostly due to my in-laws being here and staying in the computer/guest room. After Friday - hope to get back to a more regular thing on here!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

heel issue, shopping

So I am having a left heel issue. It is actually more on the outside of the side of the heel. Not sure if I hit it on something, it was aggravated by poor mechanics up (or down) Paris Mountain or what. I did run 4 miles on Mon and Wed with no apparant issues - this kind of crept up on me Wed sometime. Anyone know what a heel spur is or feels like?
Anyway - My Paris Mtn run is in jeopardy I guess. I should rest a few days and see how it goes. Didn't even want to ride the stationary bike today even thought that probably would have been fine.
So - on to more exciting things - shopping! Well, shopping for running stuff. Another week or two should bring some new Asics 2130's (same model I am currently wearing, hopefully on sale), another pair of Race Ready shorts, and maybe a second pair of running tights. Is there a manlier name for them? Compression pants? Anyone?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Paris Mountain Summit!

So I went out and met the group for the last/3rd Paris Mountain training run this morning at 8am. Cool and rainy (although I didn't get rained on at all). I made it up to the summit!! My 1st time ever runnig the mtn so I was excited to be able to do it. Having run just 1 other day this week (Monday ran 1 mile) and not much at all last week either - I felt good. Was good to run with people I must say. Brina - from the Greer Half and I ran up together on and off with others in the group of 12 or so. Lots of people out at Furman (Team in Training groups mostly). Only issue with my run was behind my right knee - got a little sore just before I got back to the mall at Furman Univ. Was fine once I stopped. The whole group except for myself ran the whole 12.4 mile course, but I only did the ~3.8 up to the top, then turned around and came back. 40 minutes up, 35 minutes back. Not sure when my next run/training will be...Hopefully Sun or Monday. Could be Tuesday. I haven't been keeping up with other blogs, but will soon (I hope!)

Friday, November 28, 2008


Baby Cecelia was born 11-25-08 at 10:13pm. 6lbs 2oz, 20-1/4" long, all natural by my amazing wife! Everyone is great, we are back home and I am torn between giving up running completely and spending every second with my beautiful daughter! Well - actually - I will continue running - if things go well tonight - tomorrow for the last Paris Mtn training run, but probably only to the top and back, the 7.5 mile route as I have only run once in the last week or two (that ankle issue). Felt good for one mile on the treadmill at a good incline this Monday. More when I can write!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Ran today/Ankle. Running Series

I did run at work today (The ICAR Campus!) in the nice cool weather - Little windy, but great otherwise! I had not noticed my left ankle for a couple of days, so went out for a 4.2 mile run around ICAR. Started to feel my ankle slightly around the 2 mile mark and never got bad, but a few hours later just walking still felt a little like a sprain/strain or something. So maybe I'll skip the Paris Mtn training run, and the 20k. Again. I still want to do that run! Now that the GTC Running Series points have been updated - and I am only 20 points out of 3rd place for my age group - it was tempting to go ahead and say I will do the 20k. Then I looked around at the standings, last years 20k results and decided there was No Way I could possibly finish in the top 3. Oh 2 year streak is over. Was still surprised how high you can get being as slow as I am. It just pays off to do all the races!

Monday, November 17, 2008


So I went back to my switching class that I used to attend on Monday's. Definitely feel it in my legs/arms, but mainly want to increase my "core" strength. Took the yoga class afterwards, so I hope I can get into the routine of doing both of those each week. My ankle is not quite 100%, but will try and run on it Wednesday I think (plans tomorrow for lunch, so that's out). I did resist the urge to run yesterday and keep my 7 month thing going. Spent Sunday raking, LONG overdue weeding, and general stuff around the house, final prep for the baby. (All is still good, still could be Anytime!).
That's all for now.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Ankle...Paris Mtn. 7 months of weekends!

So no baby yet - but we Really think it will arrive in the next 10 days! Ran once last week for a whole 2 miles before my left ankle started to feel like I should walk. Been cross training since, will Not run this weekend - can't say when the last time That happened! Actually - I can...going to my spreadsheet...I was sick and didn't run on a Sat or Sun the weekend of April 5-6! Wow..had no idea it had been that long! Missing the 1st Paris Mtn 20k training run tomorrow, but if things work out - I will get out there next weekend for my 1st venture running up the mountain! Then again - if the baby comes, never mind. Hoping I can keep some semblance of running-shape during this adjustment/recuperation. Won't know until I get back out there a few times.
Going to watch Marion online at San Antonio and send her healthy/quick thoughts this weekend!! I'm excited for her attempt to qualify for Boston. A non-running friend of mine sent an email congratulating me on NY and asked if I "was interested in Boston"? If that was all it took!? Oh well...if I run like this in 20 years I may make it!
Halfway thru watching "Run For Your Life" - the Fred Lebow story. So far so good. Interesting old footage.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Trail run!

So I did the Paris Mtn 11k Trail run this morning. Great day for it - beautiful colors - not that you can admire it too much when you have to watch every step you take. Came thru with no major twisted ankles, just a lingering soreness in my left ankle. It appeared during the marathon for a few early miles (6-8?) then went away. Took my time at the start, let those running for real time go ahead. Had a consistent group the first few miles, then once we started going uphill, many fell off the pace. Had a good walk up the worst of it - and then it spread out pretty well. Ran right behind Megan for quite a while (just before the top). Felt good just to be outside. (Raked leaves in my back yard for 90 minutes last night - wondered during the race how long it would take to rake the course?!). Finished in 1:10 and change. Good to know I can run that hard for that distance so soon after NYC. Got some good advice on marathons/recuperating from GTC member J.J. (Thanks!) Chatted with Marion (She's ready - here comes a 3:40 in SA next weekend!). Started looking at marathon training schedules yesterday - will ease into it with another slower week, with a 10 miler next weekend, then up it to 15 or so after that. Of course everything depends on the baby and when the time to appear is. Ran today with my cell phone (a first for me!) and will continue that...can't take that risk if I want to be able to keep running after the baby comes! Back to yoga on Monday and a couple more easy runs at lunch next week. Still undecided on the Paris Mtn 20k or the 5k. We'll see how the next 2-3 weeks go!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

4:08:38! 2nd PR in 2 weeks. I Love NY!

I Finished! I ran about the time I expected to! I can move afterwards! Those were my three main goals in the NYC Marathon and I accomplished them all. I just got back around 9:45pm last night and there's a lot to say, so don't exect it all to come in one or two posts.
It was Wonderful. The crowds were amazing - people along the whole course, sometimes 6-8 people deep, making so much noise you just had to run with a smile on your face! Can't count the # of times that happened.
Will get to the details later - but ran consistent 9:05's the first 10 miles (give or take). Knew it was a little fast, slowed to ~9:40's eventually. Had some leg issues starting at ~20 (that rare behind the knee thing I get) that had me down to 10 min miles. Ran thru it. Next was general leg tiredness from 22-24, ran thru that. (It's nice they don't linger, just moving on to somewhere else!). 24-26.2 was the muscle just above my right knee - wanting to cramp up the last 2+ miles. Had to run with that or I'm not sure how it would have went!
Walked 2 miles afterwards to exit Central park and meet friends. Walked ~5 miles Monday in NJ to do something. Pretty sore today for my hips to knees, but very manageable. Going downstairs is the worst (but still manageable)
Took pictures along the way - will have those on here once they get developed. Finished 15672 out of 38000+. Had my 2nd PR in 2 weeks, cutting 10 minutes off my only previous marathon in 2001!
More in another day or two. Yippee! Glad it's over...but already thinking about the next one!

Monday, October 27, 2008

follow me in NYC!! Sunday Nov 2nd!

In case things get too crazy this week (I'm 70% packed already!), I'll go ahead and post what's on my mind! The NYC marathon has splits every 5k, at 13.1 miles, and each of the last 6 miles. the web site is: I assume there will be an athlete tracker there once the race starts. I am in the 10am start wave (Orange path for the 1st 8 miles). Search by last name (Guzik - there is one other one believe it or not) or bib #25093 (I think that's right). I am also in Corral A (I put a 4hr time goal when I registered back in February!) so I should be close to the actual gun time. I expect I'll end up closer to 4:06 if things go well.
I know some co-workers will be paying attention (afterwards if not during), my friends in Bayonne, NJ I am staying with will be out watching, a runner friend (ran Boston in 3:06 I think) is coming down from Philly. A few others in and around NY, and my sister is coming up with me from Atlanta. Of course my wife won't be there - but I'll definitely be running for her and the baby to come!!
Hmmm, what else? Mantras? I've done this once, I can do it again!
Throwaways from Goodwill: A longlseeve running shirt (cotton), not sure from where, but it was a 1st Annual Turkey run. A pair of jogging pants, plus a pullover jacket/sweatshirt ("Palmetto Softball" on the front). I was expecting rain, but now they say Sunny, low of 40, high of 58 for next Sunday. Already had gloves.
Tidbits: Saw Ryan Hall will be at the Expo on Friday - may have to get him to sign a Runner's World if lines aren't crazy! Zola Budd (forget her married name) won the same Asheville Half I ran this year and is running NY. Deena (Drossin) Kastor beat me in Va Beach in 2001. Catherine Nderba and Colleen De Reuck beat me at Cooper River in 2000. Sometimes fun to see who I ran with (even though I never came Close to seeing them in person!). I'm babbling so I'll go for now!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

PR 1 week Before my marathon!

Saturday was the 4th Spinx Run Fest here in Greenville. I was doing the 5k. Wanted to do the Half but with my marathon training - it was one week off! I had suspected I could PR at the Furman 5k until I remembered it was a Cross Country course. For some reason - didn't think much about it for this race. Heard at the start it was one of the fatser courses planned (1st time for this route). So we start off with a long downhill, getting on the Swamp Rabbit trail (off and back on and off again). Ran half time on the rubberized surface - maybe a little too much give for me and half on the paved surface, but a very nice trail! Mile 1 at 7:06. A bit too fast (forgetting about the long downhill at that time). Mile 2 pretty flat on the trail. Mile 2 at 14:34 (2nd mile 7:28). Mile three was uphill, but I usually do all right on uphills and ran that mile at 7:26 and I knew at that point (22:01) that I would be my best 5k time (Paris Mtn 5k in Dec 2001, ran 22:52. Was my 2nd certified road 5k ever). Pushed hard coming into Fluor Field at the West End, home of the Greenville Drive - yes, that is the official name - coming onto the warning track, couple of sharp turns and hit the finish at 22:40. That was by my watch. No mat at the start, so the official chip time was 22:45. Either way - it counts! No issues afterwards. Had some very nice conversations with a fellow bogger - Marion (Shut it and Run) who's training for San Antonio in 3 weeks. Her schedule was also one week off from doing the half marathon, but was volunteering like a good runner! (Good luck on your last 20 today!)
Ran 8 this morning. Temp was about 45 and sunny. NY for next Sunday has low of 40, high of 54 and few showers. Very excited about the temp. Running in the 40's is perfect for me, shorts, sleeveless T, gloves for the 1st 2 miles. Still not sure about the new shoes. Nothing close to blistering today, but not entirely confident in them. 2 more runs before the big day, so it'll be a last minute decision.
More on NY in another day or so - then I'll be off!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

ups and downs - luckily - some more ups!

Been a little while for my blog...where were we last? Oh yeah - the rest of last week went fine. Had my 8 miles Thursday with 4x1600's at a 7:00 pace. Not bad. Painted the baby's room Saturday and Sunday, which involved standing on hardwoods, reaching and going up and down a ladder. Ran 12 Sunday morning. Not sure what happened - maybe a combination of painting, shoes with more miles on them than they should or what, but my feet didn't feel good. Besides like I was not wearing shoes and running on a hard surface, the ball of my right foot (under the last 2 toes) was sore. Didn't see a bruise, but sure felt like one. Monday, decided to get new shoes (same Asics model, 2130's as usual). Wore them to work Wed & Thur to help break them in (and had more cushion than my regular shoes). Today - foot was feeling better, so tried running. All seems to be ok! New shoes were good, no soreness. I had also purchased (with recommendations) new running shorts - Race Ready shorts that solves my camera-carrying question. Pockets for gels, mesh pockets along the back waistband, including one longer one that the camera fits nicely in. Forgot the camera was even there after the first mile!
I am certainly feeling better about my ability to run the marathon. Nagging issues in my head I need to work thru: shoes breaking in all right (will know more after my 8 miler scheduled for Sunday), how my right knee will feel with the hills/after 20+ miles, my left hamstring which has been tight with a deep soreness at times, and of course my wife not having the baby while I'm away! Watched the beginning of "Spirit of the Marathon", so that gives me a good feeleing, knowing I have done this and helping visualize doing it again.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quick recovery! Packing.

So - 4 miles this morning before work - I could see my breath at times!! :-)
Felt fine. Still twinges here and there from Sunday's long run, but I'm still very surprised about my recovery from these runs. Guess I shouldn't be after almost 6 months of about 25 miles a week. I've certainly never kept that mileage for anywhere close to that length of time. Started getting my pile ready for NYC. So far - just the Official Handbook and a blank videotape (Hopefully - my friends up there can record NBC's live coverage for me). I'm not checking a bag for that short of a trip - I just need to make sure my liquids (Gels, vaseline, etc) all fit - otherwise I'll have to buy them up there. Another thing I'm doing to get ready (Besides reading the current issue of Runner's World with some Good articles on NYC: putting "Spirit of the Marathon" on my Netflix queue!
8 miles planned for Thursday. Took off yesterday from my usual yoga class. Will ride the bike tomorrow to XT. More then...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Last long run before NYC

Well, I will blame it on my 5k race yesterday, I wouldn't call the run bad, but it wasn't good either. Definitely not like the 1st 20 miler 3 weeks ago. Out at 6am, mid 60's but with a good breeze and clouds. Tried to do what I am planning for the marathon. Clothes - can only do some much as I don't know what the temps will be. Did have a little chafing with my shorts (which I have Never had before) but that can be remedied. Tried over the last few weeks to like the Power Bar energy gels, but will end up carrying my own Gu. 2 in my water bottle clip have a tendency to come out, 3 work great. But as I will be going thru them - I won't always have 3! Decided to take water at each stop immediately before/during/after the Gu, but feel ok doing the Gatorade at the others. I drink alot running or not, so I will take something at each stop. If it is goig to be over 65 or so - maybe even 60 - I may carry a clip with a water bottle. I am still not sure about a disposable camera. Tried velcro on the side of my shorts. Wasn't too bad, but was coming off after a few miles. Need something else if I am to take that along. I will walk at each water stop for no more than 30 seconds. I know that amounts to 13 minutes, but I will be moving and I do think it will help in the long term. I am more concerned about feeling ok afterwards than I am with time (assuming I break 4:18!).
So I did 20 miles, with a couple of hills at the beginning and ~ mile 15 (NYC bridges!). Again a steady 8 min/lap pace. Looking at my lap splits - I went out too fast. It's too dark to see my times for the 1st hour at least. Was under 7:50 each lap the first 6 laps and ended up doing 2o miles (or so) in 2:58. So about the exact same as 3 weeks ago. However - the last half lap - behind my right knee started getting sore. Not bad, but I could see it affecting my running if I had gone longer. Luckily - I can coast for the next 3 weeks!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Furman 5k XC

This morning was the Furman 5k on the Cross Country course (golf course). Had No idea what the course was like - turned out to be good, not too many hills, but still challenging. Only my 2nd 5k this year, but my 3rd in a row under 24 minutes. As I have a 20 miler scheduled for tomorrow (my Last long run for my marathon prep), I didn't want to go all out. Went out too fast as usual, but it all felt fine. Thought the temps were going to be a problem (65 when I left), but the clouds and wind made it feel much cooler. MY week was a little off from the norm as I did a 4 miler during lunch on Thursday instead of my early morning run. More hills which is fine, but the heat again was not too pleasant. I'll be happy when it is down in the 50's around lunchtime.
More tomorrow after my long run!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Still dreaming of future races

I know the baby is due 8 weeks from today and my life will change. I expect running to be a part of my life and I know other people do it, so I will too. I also know I couldn't run much after the 1st marathon (especially with the little training I did for it) - but I am hopeful to be running again days later. At least shuffling along in order to finish the Paris Mountain 11k Trail Run a week later. Not sure how I'd train for it - but the Paris Mountain 20k is still a goal of mine, but I also don't want to injure myself and hurt my chances of the Myrtle Beach Marathon in February. So - for the amount of training I am doing - I like my chances. Right now - I'd say my marathon will be from 3:56 - 4:07.
Short 5.4 miler tomorrow morning. Getting up at 5 wears me out some days.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Easy Week! Race sizes

It's been a relatively easy week. My 16 miler last weekend went fine. The weather has gotten the temps down into the upper 40's for my running a couple mornings last week. It's funny to feel the front of my legs in those times and how cold they feel to my henads. Feel fine to me otherwise - don't even think about needing to wear something other than shorts unless it very windy or maybe below 40 degrees. So - this week was 6 & 8 milers, plus some cross training (stationary bike). Tomorrow is only 9 miles. That will be pleasant, actually being able to sleep in again!
NYC is 4 weeks from tomorrow! Got my Official Handbook in the mail. Still waiting to find out my bib # and which wave I will start in. I put down a 4 hr goal time, so I think that should get me in the top 13,000 for the 1st wave (starting at 9:40am, with the 2 others following at 10am and 10:20). It should have a similar feel to other races with ~13000 people I've done: San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon and 2006 US Army 10 miler at 15000+ and Cooper River 2001 & 2002 at ~14000; RnR 2001 Va Beach Half Marathon at ~11000. Then there is the 2007 Cooper River Bridge 10k, with almost 29,000 finishers!
Saw in the latest Runner's World Brandi Chastain is running NY this year, and I expect her goal time will be under 4 hrs as her 2 previous half marathons were ~1:47 (my PR). Wonder if I'll see her or any other celebs (Katie Holmes and of course Lance Armstrong last year). Who knows - I may be so focused on what I am doing, I won't even think about it.
Well - until next time...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Still at it. Marathon goals; Camera

Nothing too much happening this week. Got in a 6.3 miler Tuesday and a 7.2 miler this morning. No real issues. Cooler weather - about 58-60 degrees both mornings, so I actually wore a t-shirt instead of a singlet. I imagine NYC I will have on my GTC long sleeve technical shirt. If it happens to be over 60 - I will then wear a singlet (not the GTC one I have as it doens't quite fit the way I want it to). Am debating whether or not to bring a disposable camera. I imagine it would be good to have photos from the race and the time it would take to take some pictures won't affect my time much. My goals are to 1. Finish; 2. Beat my only other marathon time-4:18; 3. Break 4 hrs. I don't really expect to break 4 hrs - I'd be pretty happy with under 4:10, maybe try to break 4 at Myrtle beach or something if I get to run it. Carrying the camera is the issue. Did a test run with it in my water bottle clip - doesn't quite fit, so it want to unclip from my waistband. I'll see what other options there are. I remember seeing a clip/camera holder at the Rock n Roll San Diego expo, but it was rather expensive back then. I think we can rig something up.
This weekend is a 16 miler. ~37 more days!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Travel, 20 miler?

So I had to travel last week, got in a 3 miler recovery run after the half before I left, did 3 on a treadmill while in Juarez, MX, then a nice 8 miler in the Nice cooler morning back here Friday. Today was my long slow run (after going to Atlanta Saturday!), scheduled for ~20 miles. After the first 18 I did weeks back - I was not feeling that great afterwards, so I was really going to be happy with hitting around 18 this morning. I was also able to sleep in a little due to the cooler temps, so up at 6:20 to start out at 6:45 worked nicely. Got my 2 chocolate (I was out of Vanilla) Gu's, water, fruit punch gatorade and set off on my ~0.9 mile loop. (It's probably closer to 0.85, but I go with 0.9!). Side note - the NYC marathon provides Power Bar Gu's, so I picked some up this afternoon to test next weekend. Also - lemon-lime gatorade, which I still need to pick up. I've only really done water during a run, except for those few occasions where that is the only option!
Anyway - ran a Very consistent 8 minute/lap pace. 40:00 thru 5 laps, 79:51 thru 8, 119:43 thru 12, 159:51 thru 16, 239:58 thru 20, 255:57 thru 22. 13 laps between 7:55-8:04. Walked one extra lap to cool down - so total time out was 3:09:58 for 21.7 miles. Felt great too...and very happy to have done it. NYC is 6 weeks away, so if I can maintain this - I'll be ok!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Asheville Half Marathon

1:58:35. Slowest Half-Marathon time, but considering the course - I am very happy with it. Rested yesterday, waking up at 4:50am and out of the house by 5:30. Drvie to Asheville wasn't too bad (Luckily - I had filled my gas tank Thursday morning, before the onslaught of $4/gal gas prices.). Got my bib, chip, saw a few people from the GTC, did a small warmup run which I normally don't do and started at 8am. Started out comfortably, missed the Mile 1 sign, so really had no idea of my pace until Mile 2, which was just under 18. Perfect for me. Hard to gauge my running wilth all the hills, but I fluctuated with them - never feeling like I was going too fast or too slow. Found a girl (A.L.) and guy (J) running who had a similar pace around Mile 2 or so. Pretty much stayed with them (or within 30 yards) the rest of the way. Chatted and ran up and down hills. Didn't have trouble - even with the really steep ones. We got ahead of J, then I fell a little back a little about the 8 mile mark and followed Andrea a while. I did catch her, but then she was off ahead again going into the last hill, which covered the last 1.5 miles or so. That was where I finally walked once or twice for no more than 30 seconds. At the crest of the hill, you turn left and have 0.1 down to the finish line. That is where my legs felt the effects of the hills - not quite cramping up on me. Hit the wrong button on my watch - so I didn't know my finish/chip time until the reuslt were posted online. Chip-Gun time were off by almost a minute - it was that crowded at the start. Great volunteers! So many water stations - there was only one that was too crowded to get water - but I carried my own anyway - kind of a mental thing, but it did come in handy before and during the race. Very nice crowds along the way - one guy with a water hose to wet us (didn't do too much it was just set to a light mist). Maybe a mile or so was on Beaver Lake Trail, so much better than pavement!! Finisher Award and shirt are both very nice - I will wear that shirt proudly!

My pace was pretty comfortably - take away most of the hills and ask if I could do that for another 13.1 miles- I'd probably say no. So - Looks like breaking 4 hrs at NYC is not very realistic, but beating my previous time (4:18) is!

Light stretching afterwards (and eating/water!) and my legs felt fine. Found out later that A.L. was a bandit. More on that in another post - but it was disappointing after exchanging stories, etc for over an hour. The race did sell out beforehand, and she didn't take advantage of many water stations, and pulled off before the chute/medals - so that was at least something.

Anyway - may do 3.6 tomorrow and see how that feels. Traveling on and off the next 2 weeks to Juarez, Mexico and a trip to Atlanta in between, so hopefully that won't hurt my running schedule too much!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

2009 events/dreams

Not that I am looking past NYC, but I did a little looking at events I wouldn't mind doing in 2009. In chronological order:
Jan 24 - Greenville News Run Downtown - 1st GTC event of the year.
Feb 14 - Myrtle Beach Marathon. Looked at the elevation change (using - seems silly compared to Asheville, Greer or any of the half marathons I've done. Don't know what I'll be up for after NYC.
Late Feb - Green Valley 10 miler. Finished it in 2007 - and it's local so why not.
March - Reedy River Run 10k. Another local one. I like the course even with the McDaniel hill.
Mid-April - GW Parkway 10 miler. Wanted to do this the last 2 years - but couldn't make it up there. Point to point race from Mt. Vernon to Alexandria, VA.
Mid-June - XTERRA Xduro 21k. Part of the XTERRA East Championships in Richmond, VA. Did the 10k Scramble (in 2004 with my older brother) and really enjoyed the unique course. This trail run was new in 2008.
Mid-Nov - Richmond Marathon. My brother lives there and wants to run another marathon (his first in 15 (?) years.

I will have a baby this fall - so doing None of these is a distinct possibility. Can always dream...

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Added a slideshow of some running events I've done...let's see what other gadgets are out there...

course scouting; 8 weeks to NYC.

So I went up to Asheville Friday evening for a concert and thought I'd drive the course for the Asheville Half. First off - if you are going to scout out beforehand - here are some suggestions:
Don't do this in the dark. Especially if you are unfamiliar with the area. And the streets are not well lit. Prepare yourself that the course may not be that inviting I knew this would be hilly - but come on! Mentally I am already putting doubts in my head. I know I will overcome them. Added one good hill on each of my 6+ usual laps this morning and had no trouble. I usually do better on hills anyway - what has killed me in the past - are hills combined with Heat! Asheville is looking pretty good temperature wise - low 60's and maybe rain for Saturday morning. Not bad at all! I am adjusting my predicted time - originally thought 2:02, now maybe 2:05. Either way - my slowest, but that's ok. Finishing the Marathon is my main goal. 8 weeks from today!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Decent week

Not too much new to report. Finished with 2 of the 7 mile runs planned (with one more left on Sunday). With the Labor Day Race - I'll hit 30 miles this week! Going up to Asheville tonight for a concert - but also to scout the Half Marathon course for next weekend. Heard it is Tough, but as long as you understand the last 1-2 miles are uphill and expect hills - it's not as demoralizing. Looking at a few other people's times from the 2007 race and the Spinx Half Marathon, looks to be about 4-5 minutes Slower. At least the temps will be better for Asheville than Columbia. Guess I'll keep my goal at 2hrs, but really expecting about 2:02 or so.
The 5:10am wake up calls are a little tiring, but always feels good to get out and run. I'd say get it out of the way - but I enjoy it.

Monday, September 1, 2008

I'm ok! Eye-bug. 15k race...

So I think I'm fine after my Achilles scare last week. Wed was rest, Thursday was an early morning "test run". Felt fine for my scheduled 6 miles. Slower obviously as I felt for anything odd. Not a great run, but ok. Achilles soreness turned into knee pain. Not too bad at all, almost a weakness (like it was hyper-extended?). Friday was rest, Saturday was originally supposed to be a 20 miler. After that week, and a 15k race on Monday - there was no way I was doing that. I ended up doing just over 7. Was hoping for somewhere between 7 and 13. Caught a bug in my eye and couldn't get it out - that was one reason for the 7. Legs felt fine too, still lingering knee weakness after the fact - didn't feel a thing as I ran. So - the bug. I looked. My wife looked later on. A few hours later, felt something Really in my eye and something came out. Yuck, but felt so much better!
Rested up yesterday (by painting a bedroom) and woke up at 4:20am today to get ready and drive down to Columbia for the Labor Day 15k. A really good crowd, lots of volunteers too. Started off on the cooler side (for Columbia) with even a threat of rain. Sadly - that only lasted ~4 miles, then the sun came out with a vengeance. Then the hills began. Not sure they ever ended! By far the hardest course I have run, combined with my lack of proficiency in the heat and I was not having a great race. Even with that - and not feeling like I was going fast at all (let alone the walking I did) - I was only 2 minutes off my Biltmore 15k run from May in which I felt great at (so I think I remember feeling great!). Did run into one GTC member - Bobby. For the last 2 years - it seems we are Always side by side at some point. So - 100 miles away from Greenville, bend down to check my shoes at the starting line, straighten up, and who is standing next to me but Bobby. He has been my rabbit, but lately I guess my training has paid off as I have finally overtaken him in the last few races. Forget that he is over 30 yrs older! I certainly hope to be in that good of shape in 20 or 30 years! I'll talk more about my "rabbits" over the last 6 years...there's been a few!
NYC is 8 weeks away. eek!
Next week: three 7 milers on Wed, Fri and Sunday.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

18, Achilles?

So I did 18 on Sunday, outdoing my longest last week by 2 miles, and boy did that make a difference! Ran about the pace I wanted (little faster as usual), finishing in 2:37. FYI - my splits take up 2 of the 3 lines in my running journal! Those last 2 were tough. Just generally - nothing in particular hurt, so that was good. After watching the men's marathon at the Beijing Olympics the night before - at a ridiculous pace - I couldn't complain too much! Just the normal ankles and sore thighs. Monday was yoga and thought nothing of it until Tuesday for my scheduled 2 miles at 9:10 pace. Warm up 0.9mi lap of 7:24 followed by 6:35 lap. I obviously felt good! Next lap was 3/4 the way around at a slightly slower pace when my right Achilles got sore. I walked slowly the rest and am wondering how it will be for my 6miles tomorrow. almost 2 full days of rest, some ice and we'll see tomorrow! Cross your fingers for me!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008


So I am still (mostly) riding my bike to work once a week. Changed things up this week and rode in on Wednesday as the end of this week had some rain expected. Of course it hasn't shown up yet today. Decided to skip the gym (and the stationary bike) today, and Saturday is my usual day off before my Sunday long run.
So I did some speed work yesterday. Schedule had me doing 7 miles including warmup and cooldown. 3x1600m @ 7:15 pace with 800m jogs in between. earlier this week I planned out how I was going to do this (# warm up laps, how I'd run the middle faster pace, etc). Getting up at 5:10am somehow made me forget exactly what the plan was. After the third fast lap, I had to really convince myself it was for my own good that I do the scheduled last quick one. And I listened, but it was not easy. My fast laps (at ~.9mi to a lap, close enough for these) were 6:11, 6:18, :6:13 and 6:21, so I think I may have been just a hair faster than needed, yet again. Later that morning I looked at my real schedule and saw I was only supposed to do the 3 fast wonder it wasn't easy! I guess I am better for it, but still! I'll pay better attention next time!
Sunday is the 18 miler - yes, that is 20 laps around and around. Still haven't been listening to my ipod shuffle when I run...Guess I feel the need to concentrate on my running. Anyway - I'll let you know how it goes!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

yoga followed by a short run

Yesterday was an easy day doing yoga, which for me is not so easy as I have very tight muscles. It is nice though, even once a week. It's bound to help somewhat!
Just a short run today, scheduled as a 2 miler at 9:10 pace. Still don't listen and did 2.7 (or so) in under 21 minutes. Short run means I can sleep in until about 6:15am. I know our baby won't be born until after my marathon, but my goal is to continue to run ~3 days a week. 2 weekday mornings and one weekend. Granted the distances may be shorter, but I still want to get out there.
Tomorrow - will either ride my bike to work (instead of Friday which is my usual - it's supposed to rain!) or go to the gym and do 30 minutes on the stationary bike. I think I'll ride into work...feels better to know I did that.

Monday, August 18, 2008

longest run in 7+ years

16.2 miles yesterday morning! Longest run since my only marathon in June 2001. Woke up to a surprise thunderstorm around 4:30am (after watching Olympics until 11). Mulled it over and decided I might as well get up as planned at 5:15 and get ready to run. It's only a 10 minute drive to Oak Grove Lake where I run, but I thought I'd head out and wait out the lightning. It was only 67 degrees, which is heaven compared to the 70+ temps I have been running in, throw in the rain and it was very pleasant. I didn't have to wait too long and still began just after 6am. Started with a light jacket and the reflective vest, but after ~4 miles, could take them both off so ran in a singlet. Rain came down pretty constantly the whole run. Plan was 9:10/mile pace and ended up doing about 8:45/mile at a constant pace. Had my Gu (I alternate between Chocolate Outrage and Vanilla - today was a vanilla day) at the halfway point. Read somewhere (Runner's World, an autographed copy of a Galloway Running book I picked up this weekend, or somewhere else, I forget!) that every hour or running needs to be supplemented with carbs. I usually only do water during runs and Gatorade afterwards (fruit punch or the clear version), so maybe I will re-think that next weekend when I have an 18 planned for Sunday.
The rain certainly brought fewer people out, although there is one guy training for Spinx (I think) that runs there, does a few laps, then heads back out and returns later on. He's a week ahead in his training, so he was probably doing a similar distance, if not farther. Always good to see other runners who don't mind a little rain!
So - I felt OK after my run. Once I got home and ate some more (was a little hungry the last few miles - -may also need to re-think only having half a bagel before my Longer runs!) - my feet/ankles were sore. Everything else felt pretty good. Wore my new 2130's for the 3rd time I think and no blisters whatsoever! Use just a little vaseline on a couple spots as usual, so I'd say they are now broken in.
Looking at other people's blogs - I should also put in my recent training runs - it will get me on here a little more often!
Next training: yoga today and a 2 miler tomorrow that I will make 3.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dark at 6am; Labor Day?

So it is dark enough at 6am that I need to wear a reflective vest. Today was considered my tempo run. Warmup, 4 @7:45, cooldown. Started at 6am to beat the heat (even though it was ~66 this morning) and so I could make it to work on time. I have a hard time running slow (for me!). My warm up and cool downs were just only 30secs/mile slower than the "fast" portion. The fast portion was 15 seconds faster than needed. I can only assume that is a good thing. The problem may come this weekend with my 1st 16 miler, running slow enough that I don't overdo it by going out too fast. Have a slight hamstring twinge this week - and my right calf is sore at times (that is almost normal for me, but still annoying!). New 2130's are doing well still. Need to make sure I don't overdo it on those before the big race.
So - I did sign up for the Labor Day 15k down in Columbia. My 2nd 15k, but coming 2 days after my 1st scheduled 20 miler. Time won't be an issue (I hope I don't make it an issue, but I have a hard time with that too). But - the labor day I was talking about is my wife's due date with our first baby: December 1st. With NYC only 4 weeks ahead of that - we are both a little worried, especially with our friend's just giving birth 3-1/2 weeks early. So far there are no signs of early labor (as our friends had), so I am hopeful of the best. I have until Oct 29th to postpone my race for a year. I could always find another marathon somewhere (maybe Greenville!) if needed. I certainly don't want to risk missing the birth of our baby....there's no hesitation there.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vacation is over! DC trails and sand is gone!

This could not have been a better time during my NYC marathon training to take a vacation. Three scheduled 6 mile runs following a 14 miler. Ended up doing my 14 miler in Washington DC. Had 2 main choices. Decided to skip the group run (surprisingly a 14 miler!) that a DC running group had going on and ventured alone thru Rock Creek Park. Knew it would be a little more challenging, but had looked forward to running the trails again. Had done a 5 miler thru there the day before which was quite nice - just HOT! So - serious thunderstorms that morning woke me up at 4am and had me reconsidering. 6am rolls around (couldn't expect it to be quite as light running on the trails but ended up being fine by my 6:30am start) with a light rain and decided that it would help cool it down some. It did thankfully! A mile run to the park downhill, then north on the Western Ridge Trail up to the Valley Trail that loops around and back down the south. Same as last year - there is a detour that put me out on Beach Drive (goes thru the Park and is partially closed off on the weekends). There were hundreds of others out - mostly TNT runners, one of whom said they were doing 8 miles that day. Met up with a group of 3 who were doing a 16 miler to get ready for Steamtown among others. They were from the Montgomery County (MD) Road Runners, 3000+ members, 100 just in their marathon group. Very nice and we had a similar pace so we ran a few miles together. They had a scheduled stop/turnaround - and I was at the South end of the park (that section anyway) so I was able to get back on the Western Ridge Trail and head back home. Definitely a tough run. Not sure I did the 14 miles I was supposed to - but 2 hours and 10 minutes later - it felt like I had done that much! So - on to the beach for the rest of my vacation!
Topsail Island and three 6 mile runs planned (Tue, Thur & Sat). Lows of about 80 all week kept my 6am 1st run (along the road) down to ~3 miles. Was a little cooler Thursday after a rain as I did ~6 on the beach in the packed stuff. That is the only place to run - don't even try to run on the soft stuff. Got really warm again - so put off the last run until Sunday when I was back home in my familiar settings. 6:30am back at it - same people I pass walking/running every weekend. Squirrels, ducks, geese, and the rabbits out as usual. Good to be home. Also helpful that my marathon shoes - new Asics 2130's didn't blister on their 1st outing today! I had a good 15 miles running + ~15 mile walking this past week. Not bad for an easy week!
Coming weeks have a 16, 18 and a 20 miler though. Eek!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Recap - Rejuvenated!

Ok- I'm back. Until my vacation starts this afternoon for the next week and a half. Think the break has re-charged me, hoping I haven't peaked too soon - as far as my running goes and my blog. The last 3-4 months has seen a slow, hot Greer Half-Marathon (my 3rd, slowest), a trip to Florida, a very pleasant 15k at Biltmore (a PR!, yes - it is my only race of that distance), a work trip to Mexico, a surprisingly fast Sunrise Run, and a work trip to Spokane.
Average 22 miles/week, long runs got up to 14.4 and 15.3. Have another 14 miler this coming weekend (in Rock Creek Park in DC). Got some trail running in at Paris Mountain, even though I will miss both GTC trail runs this year. Ride my bike to work once a week - would do it more but it interferes with my running schedule. Started doing yoga once a week.
But here's the BIG NEWS: I got into the NYC MARATHON for this year. November 2nd! Already have my plane tickets - so I am going no matter what. More on my excitement in another blog...but yes - I am very excited. I am 2+ weeks into my Runners World/FIRST training plan. 3 days a week running, some X-training, 3 20 milers scheduled (we'll see how That goes! I looked at my 1st marathon training, obviously no guide, and I did a few 13-14 milers only). Have a new pair of 2130's to break in. Have been trying to break in some 2120 Trail shoes, but there's a frequent blister on my right arch that's annoying after 8-9 miles. Had hoped to wear them for this weekend's run, but no. Will have 2 days of running at the beach next week. Cross-training will take a break except for much beach walking.
Maybe someday I'll work on formatting this so it doesn't seem to ramble so much. It will anyway - it just may not Look like it rambles! Have more to say - will just have to wait until I return! Enjoy!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Last trip. For this month!

One last trip coming up - starts today. Leaving temps in the 70's for 6 days with highs of 40 and snow showers. Not a good trade, but we'll see how my long run (11miles) turns out this weekend. I've had a sore right heel this week, so we'll see how that fairs as well.
Ran the Duke Cross Country course (Al Buehler Trail) this past weekend. Makes me really wish we had trails like that spread across our area. Nice 2.91 mile loop, gravel (very finely packed). Hilly too, and great to see lots of people on it at 8am on a Sunday morning. 2 loops felt great. Reading the latest Go Magazine on running trails got the urge in me going again...I used to run Paris Mountain State Park trails pretty regularly, among others. Not so much anymore. Maybe this will start me up again!
Registered for the Biltmore 15k set for mid May. Will be good to set a PR for a new distance...Also will register for the Greer Half Marathon. Haven't done that one either. Guess I should drive the course sometime. I like knowing the course beforehand - what to expect, whether I will tire myself out completely in the first half. Being able to look forward to certain landmarks gives me a way to break the race down into smaller segments.
Gotta go catch my plane...missed my workout today - so maybe I'll just walk around the Chicago Airport!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Work) Travel and Exercise (Mexico, Philly & Spokane)

Since I am traveling for work quite a bit over the next 3-4 weeks, I thought I'd ramble about exercising while I am gone, out of my routine. The first part of planning is making sure I am in a hotel that, at a minimum, can keep me occupied with a treadmill and/or stationary bike. Ones near trails or parks are even better. A last resort is having a road outside that is "safe" to run by. Sadly - sometimes you have No choice. My 1st trip - to Juarez Mexico - I will be in a hotel. Just being in Mexico makes it much more difficult to get outside and do anything, no car, poorly maintained roads, dirt/dust and a few crazy drivers. So I am relegated to stay indoors. Instead of my daily runs outside - I will hit the treadmill a few days. This of course has to be arranged so I can still "be a team player" and do dinner with the hosts and my other travel companions. (I don't always do this, but try to be social every so often). I'll alternate days with the stationary bike. Both of these means either early mornings or late evenings (after my food settles). Anyway.

My 2nd trip this month is to just outside Philadelphia. I've been there enough to know what websites to look at for upcoming races, etc in the area. I've also found a great State Park (Tyler State Park) with excellent trails and even a covered bridge. It is frequented by area cross country teams too - so there is plenty to keep you company. Also - plenty of deer! Doubt I'll make it up there this trip as I am only there 2 nights, the first of which is when I arrive).

The last of my planned work trips is to Spokane, WA. The Centennial Trail runs right behind the hotel I stay at. Enough to satisfy any distance run. Good for running in the snow or sun. When the snow is gone - there are bikes to borrow to ride also. Didn't quite make it to Idaho (2 miles short), but considering I hadn't been on a bike in quite a while and I still had to go back, I'd save it for another trip. I'd suggest Riverside State Park to go a little further off track. I know there are Plenty of other trails in WA, ID and MT, but I've only made 3 trips out there so far. Sadly - will miss the annual Bloomsday Run in May. Look it up - reminds me of the Cooper River Bridge Run, but More popular. 12k distance I think, so if I do it - I can have a new PR. Maybe in 2009!

Well - I'll make the best of it, and will have most of the weekends upcoming back here for my long slow runs. One long run in Spokane, but I at least know the trail there.
Until I get back...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Recording an Engineer, & NYC!

I am an Engineer. I like spreadsheets. I also am kind of a pack rat. So - it should come as no surprise that I keep records of my runs - training and races. The 31st Reedy River Run yesterday was my 62nd race/event. 60 of those since 2000 (the 1st two were in Clemson back in 1994 - I wouldn't call myself a runner then, but they still count). Everything is recorded - from my bib number, time, and finish place, to my overall finish percentage. I like stats and have each mile split as well for most of the races. I have separate sheets for each race distance too. I have recently begun looking at them before races to get a feel for how I performed in the same race in previous years. Can't say I change much about my next race based on what I see beforehand - but I like to look anyway. I track my workouts in a similar manner (using the Runners World Training Log), recording temps, times, even shoes/clothes I wear. I don't think it is that odd.
Since I do my long slow runs at pretty much the same location (more on that in another post) - I can easily track my progress on each lap I do. This helps when it comes time to train for a marathon, which I am just beginning to do again.
I registered for the New York City Marathon Lottery last week.
The application process just began and is open until June I believe. The lottery is in Mid-June, so I will know then whether or not I got in. This is my 2nd year in a row to attempt to get in. After 3 consecutive years of Not getting in, the following year you are automatically accepted (So NYC in 2010 here I come!). Worked out fine last year, as my body wasn't cooperatingall the time, but I did my 1st Half marathon in 6 years. My body chose to really Not cooperate that day either - with my knee hurting from mile 4 on. Didn't come up once in training, even on a few 10-12 mile runs a couple weeks before. Very frustrating to have that appear out of nowhere. Was still very happy with my time, but disappointing in how much of a better race I could have had (not just in time, but in how I felt!). Of course - that goes in my log book too.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Running Info

Just a little bit of random info about me and my running:
Started running in 2000. Member of the Greenville Track Club in SC since then. Run 10-12 races a year these days. Did 2 half-marathons and 1st and only (so far) marathon in 2001 - Rock & Roll San Diego (I'm on the right on the photo). Have hoped every year since to do another, but fought injuries for 5 years. No races in 2005; 2007 was healthy (mostly) and finally completed my 3rd half-marathon. 2008 will try for the NYC Marathon lottery again. Wear Asics shoes, brooks shirts (mostly). Don't mind rain, shorts are fine if over 40 degrees. Run at lunch during the week, early mornings on weekends for my long, slow runs (don't mind getting up early to run!). Wish I ran trails more. Wish there were more duathlons closer - I am not a swimmer. Guess I will leave it at that.