Wednesday, August 27, 2008

18, Achilles?

So I did 18 on Sunday, outdoing my longest last week by 2 miles, and boy did that make a difference! Ran about the pace I wanted (little faster as usual), finishing in 2:37. FYI - my splits take up 2 of the 3 lines in my running journal! Those last 2 were tough. Just generally - nothing in particular hurt, so that was good. After watching the men's marathon at the Beijing Olympics the night before - at a ridiculous pace - I couldn't complain too much! Just the normal ankles and sore thighs. Monday was yoga and thought nothing of it until Tuesday for my scheduled 2 miles at 9:10 pace. Warm up 0.9mi lap of 7:24 followed by 6:35 lap. I obviously felt good! Next lap was 3/4 the way around at a slightly slower pace when my right Achilles got sore. I walked slowly the rest and am wondering how it will be for my 6miles tomorrow. almost 2 full days of rest, some ice and we'll see tomorrow! Cross your fingers for me!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008


So I am still (mostly) riding my bike to work once a week. Changed things up this week and rode in on Wednesday as the end of this week had some rain expected. Of course it hasn't shown up yet today. Decided to skip the gym (and the stationary bike) today, and Saturday is my usual day off before my Sunday long run.
So I did some speed work yesterday. Schedule had me doing 7 miles including warmup and cooldown. 3x1600m @ 7:15 pace with 800m jogs in between. earlier this week I planned out how I was going to do this (# warm up laps, how I'd run the middle faster pace, etc). Getting up at 5:10am somehow made me forget exactly what the plan was. After the third fast lap, I had to really convince myself it was for my own good that I do the scheduled last quick one. And I listened, but it was not easy. My fast laps (at ~.9mi to a lap, close enough for these) were 6:11, 6:18, :6:13 and 6:21, so I think I may have been just a hair faster than needed, yet again. Later that morning I looked at my real schedule and saw I was only supposed to do the 3 fast wonder it wasn't easy! I guess I am better for it, but still! I'll pay better attention next time!
Sunday is the 18 miler - yes, that is 20 laps around and around. Still haven't been listening to my ipod shuffle when I run...Guess I feel the need to concentrate on my running. Anyway - I'll let you know how it goes!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

yoga followed by a short run

Yesterday was an easy day doing yoga, which for me is not so easy as I have very tight muscles. It is nice though, even once a week. It's bound to help somewhat!
Just a short run today, scheduled as a 2 miler at 9:10 pace. Still don't listen and did 2.7 (or so) in under 21 minutes. Short run means I can sleep in until about 6:15am. I know our baby won't be born until after my marathon, but my goal is to continue to run ~3 days a week. 2 weekday mornings and one weekend. Granted the distances may be shorter, but I still want to get out there.
Tomorrow - will either ride my bike to work (instead of Friday which is my usual - it's supposed to rain!) or go to the gym and do 30 minutes on the stationary bike. I think I'll ride into work...feels better to know I did that.

Monday, August 18, 2008

longest run in 7+ years

16.2 miles yesterday morning! Longest run since my only marathon in June 2001. Woke up to a surprise thunderstorm around 4:30am (after watching Olympics until 11). Mulled it over and decided I might as well get up as planned at 5:15 and get ready to run. It's only a 10 minute drive to Oak Grove Lake where I run, but I thought I'd head out and wait out the lightning. It was only 67 degrees, which is heaven compared to the 70+ temps I have been running in, throw in the rain and it was very pleasant. I didn't have to wait too long and still began just after 6am. Started with a light jacket and the reflective vest, but after ~4 miles, could take them both off so ran in a singlet. Rain came down pretty constantly the whole run. Plan was 9:10/mile pace and ended up doing about 8:45/mile at a constant pace. Had my Gu (I alternate between Chocolate Outrage and Vanilla - today was a vanilla day) at the halfway point. Read somewhere (Runner's World, an autographed copy of a Galloway Running book I picked up this weekend, or somewhere else, I forget!) that every hour or running needs to be supplemented with carbs. I usually only do water during runs and Gatorade afterwards (fruit punch or the clear version), so maybe I will re-think that next weekend when I have an 18 planned for Sunday.
The rain certainly brought fewer people out, although there is one guy training for Spinx (I think) that runs there, does a few laps, then heads back out and returns later on. He's a week ahead in his training, so he was probably doing a similar distance, if not farther. Always good to see other runners who don't mind a little rain!
So - I felt OK after my run. Once I got home and ate some more (was a little hungry the last few miles - -may also need to re-think only having half a bagel before my Longer runs!) - my feet/ankles were sore. Everything else felt pretty good. Wore my new 2130's for the 3rd time I think and no blisters whatsoever! Use just a little vaseline on a couple spots as usual, so I'd say they are now broken in.
Looking at other people's blogs - I should also put in my recent training runs - it will get me on here a little more often!
Next training: yoga today and a 2 miler tomorrow that I will make 3.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dark at 6am; Labor Day?

So it is dark enough at 6am that I need to wear a reflective vest. Today was considered my tempo run. Warmup, 4 @7:45, cooldown. Started at 6am to beat the heat (even though it was ~66 this morning) and so I could make it to work on time. I have a hard time running slow (for me!). My warm up and cool downs were just only 30secs/mile slower than the "fast" portion. The fast portion was 15 seconds faster than needed. I can only assume that is a good thing. The problem may come this weekend with my 1st 16 miler, running slow enough that I don't overdo it by going out too fast. Have a slight hamstring twinge this week - and my right calf is sore at times (that is almost normal for me, but still annoying!). New 2130's are doing well still. Need to make sure I don't overdo it on those before the big race.
So - I did sign up for the Labor Day 15k down in Columbia. My 2nd 15k, but coming 2 days after my 1st scheduled 20 miler. Time won't be an issue (I hope I don't make it an issue, but I have a hard time with that too). But - the labor day I was talking about is my wife's due date with our first baby: December 1st. With NYC only 4 weeks ahead of that - we are both a little worried, especially with our friend's just giving birth 3-1/2 weeks early. So far there are no signs of early labor (as our friends had), so I am hopeful of the best. I have until Oct 29th to postpone my race for a year. I could always find another marathon somewhere (maybe Greenville!) if needed. I certainly don't want to risk missing the birth of our baby....there's no hesitation there.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vacation is over! DC trails and sand is gone!

This could not have been a better time during my NYC marathon training to take a vacation. Three scheduled 6 mile runs following a 14 miler. Ended up doing my 14 miler in Washington DC. Had 2 main choices. Decided to skip the group run (surprisingly a 14 miler!) that a DC running group had going on and ventured alone thru Rock Creek Park. Knew it would be a little more challenging, but had looked forward to running the trails again. Had done a 5 miler thru there the day before which was quite nice - just HOT! So - serious thunderstorms that morning woke me up at 4am and had me reconsidering. 6am rolls around (couldn't expect it to be quite as light running on the trails but ended up being fine by my 6:30am start) with a light rain and decided that it would help cool it down some. It did thankfully! A mile run to the park downhill, then north on the Western Ridge Trail up to the Valley Trail that loops around and back down the south. Same as last year - there is a detour that put me out on Beach Drive (goes thru the Park and is partially closed off on the weekends). There were hundreds of others out - mostly TNT runners, one of whom said they were doing 8 miles that day. Met up with a group of 3 who were doing a 16 miler to get ready for Steamtown among others. They were from the Montgomery County (MD) Road Runners, 3000+ members, 100 just in their marathon group. Very nice and we had a similar pace so we ran a few miles together. They had a scheduled stop/turnaround - and I was at the South end of the park (that section anyway) so I was able to get back on the Western Ridge Trail and head back home. Definitely a tough run. Not sure I did the 14 miles I was supposed to - but 2 hours and 10 minutes later - it felt like I had done that much! So - on to the beach for the rest of my vacation!
Topsail Island and three 6 mile runs planned (Tue, Thur & Sat). Lows of about 80 all week kept my 6am 1st run (along the road) down to ~3 miles. Was a little cooler Thursday after a rain as I did ~6 on the beach in the packed stuff. That is the only place to run - don't even try to run on the soft stuff. Got really warm again - so put off the last run until Sunday when I was back home in my familiar settings. 6:30am back at it - same people I pass walking/running every weekend. Squirrels, ducks, geese, and the rabbits out as usual. Good to be home. Also helpful that my marathon shoes - new Asics 2130's didn't blister on their 1st outing today! I had a good 15 miles running + ~15 mile walking this past week. Not bad for an easy week!
Coming weeks have a 16, 18 and a 20 miler though. Eek!