Saturday, January 31, 2009

New weekday route.

So I was a week off. My marathon 16 week training plan was set in stone. Then I double checked the date of the marathon I hoping to do, and I was off by 2 weeks. (What was I thinking?!). May 16th is the date, so I started on Monday. Was welcome to cut back to 3 days aweek running (worked well for me last time!). Monday was yoga as usual, Tuesday a good 6.5 miles. I decided I didn't really need to do the hills at ICAR so much, so I ran the other way, up Carolina Point Parkway to Whole Foods and beyond. The "beyond" is going in front of Circuit City and WF, taking a right and going down a dead end. There's a few businesses, but very littlr traffic. The route overall is pretty good: There's one decent hill heading out from work before it completely flattens out. I do have to double back after my first out-and-back, but that's ok. I also don't know mileage. Doesn't help that my 2nd outing Friday I forgot my watch. Ended up ~5.5 miles that day. Too much birthday cake for a co-worker on Thursdaty to do my normal run! Tomorrow is 10 at Oak Grove to give me 22 for the week.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day galore!

So I decided to write again - twice in two days! I got up and ran this morning, just an easy 7 miler at my usual spot. Was colder than I thought, but the 2nd l/s shirt was enough. I was definitely going to take it easy after my race yesterday. No real issues today thankfully. Did not push hard, even on the last lap - so I have that feel like I accomplished something other than 7 miles. I did buy some more shoes Friday at Fleet Feet - my shop of choice. Their 10 year b-day sale was going on and I got another pair of Asics 2130's. My 3rd pair (1st was for training for NYC), 2nd was for the marathon and I continue to run in them as they only have 250 or so miles on them. I would have liked to get another pair or two - but I think that was their last pair (took one right off the display stand). I am Bad about keeping shoes...have another pair of old Landreths (2 pair) and Nimbus that didn't work out for me and have little mileage on them. I need to find a good place to donate them...My everyday out and about shoes are another pair of old comfortable Landreths. Then I have my old 2120's. And my old 2130's. Then there are my 2 pair of trail running shoes. And my Asics Trainers that I race my 5k's in. How many is that? I guess about 6 pair too many!! But until my wife really says something - it'll just go on until I get more tired of looking at all the shoes I don't wear!
As far as my calf goes - I think I will only run the ICAR campus hills once or twice a week at most. I'll have to go back over to Oak Grove as I start up my marathon training after next week, easier to do speed work, etc.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Run Downtown. PR?

So the 32nd Greenville News Run Downtown was this morning. Overcast, looked like it was going to rain - but never did. Temp around 50 was quite nice - had to be the warmest race in years. I did not see any issues with the race at all. With ~2200 entrants, that is not bad! Good volunteers, post-race food was good. Nice separation between runners and walkers. Saw many of the same crowd at the starting line...found my "rabbit" for this race. I was Not expecting to PR. Had a little calf issue this week...only ran on Wednesday (walked one day with my wife/daughter, yoga one day) - thought I could use the extra time off as I had a race today. So -
He took me out way too fast. Mile 1 in 6:34. Not as much jostling this year...crowded the first 1/4 mile, but very manageable. 2nd mile had quite a few uphill sections, and I slowed some on the few downhills. 2 miles in 14:00, which is my fastest time for 2 miles in any event and ahead of my last 5k (& PR) by 20 seconds! 3rd mile starts off with a big uphill, then a lengthy downhill finish down Main Street. Had thoughts of breaking 22 with my rabbit staying about 30 yards ahead the whole way, but ended up finishing in 22:05! (My watch time, mat to mat) So another PR by 22 seconds. Go figure!
This could tell you (and me) many things about my running. I've trained well/hard this last year and a half, I've stayed uninjured, I'm following a plan. Also - it can speak to how I started running and how I went thru the first 6 years. Injuries, inconsistency, no real plan, just running to run. I had many of my PR's from my first year running - before I knew better, before my body got in the way. I let things get in the way and was not "into" running in some ways. Now - it is a part of my life, I get cranky when I don't run, I make room for it and it's been working for me.
This was my daughter's 1st venture to downtown Greenville, and her time seeing me race. Granted - she was in a wrap being carried by my wife - and she slept, so she didn't really see anything, but it was a successful outing on that front too!
Next race: Green Valley 10 miler. As I've only doen 2 - both ~2 yrs ago - it should be good. Hopefully - my calf will cooperate. May go back to running the hilly course at work /ICAR 2 days a week instead of 3. May run 7 tomorrow - we'll see how I feel!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


So the weather Thursday was actually quite pleasant, little to no wind and sun. Ran a littel extra and stretched it out to almost 6 miles. Friday actually wasn't that bad either. Kept the shorts and added a 3rd layer on top and all was fine. Today interesting. Walking out to my car at 8:45am it was sleeting. Not a good sign. I usually don't mind rain, or the cold. But a Cold rain is probably the worst. Driving to my running spot (Oak Grove) - the flurries started, which is actually better than rain. It did something my whole run, mostly rain, but Very light. Was scheduled to do 9, but wanted a little more, so I planned on doing 12.6. Wasn't too sure with the rain - but it turned out just fine. Was my longest run since the marathon. Doing the 10 miler training doesn't have you do much over 9. I am still leaning on moving up to the marathon for mid-May and using the April 26th 10 miler as a mid-training goal. So - on to other news...the GTC is partnering with XTERRA in sponsoring our Trail Running Series. We've had 2 races at Paris Mountain State Park, and you need 3 to be added to the XTERRA ( series. Throw in the fact that with some complaints about having the trail run part of the running series, it made good sense to do this. The GTC added a 15k for May 30th and will still be at Paris Mtn. May not work into my schedule this year (if I do the May marathon), but with the XTERRA season starting Sept, this one won't really count in the 2009 results anyway. I very excited about it though...I did the XTERRA scramble in Richmond a few years ago with my brother. A 10k that featured trails, rocks, river bed, climbs (ladders as well as The Mayan Steps!) - so much fun! We didn't run it for time but still one of the better races I've been in. May do the Xduro this year - their new half marathon trail run.
Have the Run Downtown next Saturday. Who knows if a PR is in store for me...normal training this week, but will take Friday off!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I see everyone is writing/blogging about the expected cold weather. All I'll say is it won't stop me! 5.5 tomorrow and 4 more Friday. Outside, wind, cold.
I may have to start traveling again soon for work Too soon as far as me and my family are concerned (as I write this one handed with my baby in my arms). Juarez, Mexico for possibly a Mon-Fri trip. So would more than likely run at the hotel in El Paso (where I'd stay this time) in the morning, or maybe venture out around the hotel/airport area. Will have to do a little, running clubs, etc. (Has Runner's World ever done their thing on El Paso??).
I registered for the GW Parkway 10 miler. Checked out the elevation change (mapmyrun) - it's a Lot of downhill running! Net drop of over 240 feet if I remember correctly. Slightly different than the Green Valley 10 miler I will register for tomorrow. All ups and downs.
That's it for now...bundle up!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday run. Corp Shield

I went out for my run this morning around 10:30am. Was scheduled to do an easy 5 miles, but decided I would do just over 7 to reach the 20 miles-this-week-plateau. My easy runs never are as easy as they should be...I just can't dial it back. My 9:13 pace turned into something closer to 8:00 - and I am definitely getting faster. Nothing special about this morning's run - same ducks and geese, a few people walking/jogging. A father teaching his daughter how to ride a bicycle with no training wheels (That will be me someday!).
Supposed to be COLD late next week and into the weekend with highs in the 30's - which will make running at lunch a little more interesting. Do I really want to wear my running tights thru the halls of my work as I head outside?? Speaking of work - it looks like we will actually have some participation in the Coprorate Shield events this year. The last 2 yrs at my current job has been pretty much me and another guy or 2 at work. After scoring 10-11 points in each of the last 2 years - we may get about 12 people for the 1st event of 2008 - the Run Downtown. No help from management, but that's ok - we'll do fine without the support. We'll just have to see if the participation lasts!

Friday, January 9, 2009

last post missing...what did I say??

Seems my last post went missing! Forget right now what it was, but I imagine it will come back to me over time. So a week has gone on Monday and 3 runs (Tues, Thur and today). Getting a little faster on my 4 mile loop at work. Not supposed to be pushing those, especially with the hills, but I do anyway. Looking forward to backing off to 3 runs a week, yoga and some cross training. Read an article in a recent Runner's World about commuting runners. I have 5 miles each way, and I could do that once a week I think. It's more of a time thing (taking the extra 25-30 minutes to get home to my girls), and running where there are no sidewalks. I see people out running and with their reflective outfits - they can't be missed. Me being a morning person (usually), that is not a problem.
So a May marathon? Found s good one. Flat to downhill course on a somewhat familiar course. Problem is that it's in Spokane, WA. I am trying to get a work trip out there (even though a manufacturing plant of ours closed, we still have 5 engineers on contract and there's plenty of knowledge to transfer!). It's the Windermere Marathon, mostly on the Centennial Trail, running beside the Spokane River from Post Falls, ID finishing in downtown Spokane. I've run/biked more than 10 miles of the's quite nice! May 16th, which should be decent temps out there. Short 6 miles this weekend...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

not much...Washington State?

Did 4.5 today: speedwork. Was quite chilly at 30°, but sunny which certainly helps! Also getting some sleep last night/this morning helped a ton!
Still looking at Spring marathons. May try to make a "work trip" out to Spokane, WA during a marathon out there on the Centennial Trail. I've done quite a few runs on there (10 miles in the snow!), and almost biked to Idaho. Doubtful - but I will try to convince work I need to go. Since it starts in Idaho and runs to Spokane - what state does that count in if I were to do the 50 states challenge? Is it where it starts, finishes, or what state you are in the most? Can I choose which one I want it to count for? Not that I am looking at that - but it is kind of in the back of my head. Don't want to "waste" one this early as I have only done 2! I can dream though!
So - now I am considering changing to a marathon training schedule even though I don;t have one and I may not do one - but I do want to be ready if I do find one...Arggh!
I'll decide before Monday which gives me a few more days on my current program!