Monday, December 29, 2008

Goals for 2009.

In response to Megan's goals and her possibility of doing a marathon, thought I should get mine down officially. I may be repeating some, but they will all be here!
#1: Break 1:20 in the 10 mile distance. Two tries planned - Feb 7 and Apr 26 (assuming there is No marathon a week later). I would say break 22 minutes in the 5k, but I only have one planned right now (Run Downtown Jan 24th), and I won't say I will PR there. I will Not do all 10 races of the GTC Running Series in 2009 (as in 2008), but should do 7 or 8 of them. I will do Sunrise, and even though I could possibly PR there (38:32 is current PR from 2002), I will likely do my 1st race pushing a stroller! Very excited about that. Technically - I could call that a PR w/ stroller. There - another goal, #2: do a race with my daughter. #3: do a marathon with my brother, which should be Richmond, assuming all goes well with his (and my) training after his Many many years of not running (but completing 2 marathons ~15 years ago). Want to attempt a PR in a marathon and break 4 hours, but not sure I'll be able to find one to do in May where the weather will permit it. NC marathon in Greensboro is great location-wise (May 2nd), but avg lows of 55 and highs of 77. I will play that one by ear...I expect I will PR in the GTC 2 miler in July, and hope to in the 15k Biltmore race I am planning to run in again this year. I will Not PR in the 10k this year. That is a given.
Guess that will do it. 3 strong goals, and maybe a few more PR's if things go well! One more run tomorrow before the year ends, and will start it off New Years Day with a 5 Mile run with speedwork. Best of luck to everyone who sets any kind of goals for 2009, even if it is just to get out and walk One day!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

xmas. May Marathon?

So it's Christmas and I will go for a run later on. Think 5 miles, with some speedwork in there. Ran at lunch on Tuesday, just over 5 miles. Yes - it was chilly, but still in shorts. Did wear a 2nd short sleeve shirt under my l/s one. It was about 35° but mostly sunny. When it's that cold, I have started running with a head wrap that just covers my ears. Works great!
Am now thinking of a marathon late May/early June. I know I'd have to travel for that (none around here that I know of due to warm temps, which I do not like running in), and I may be traveling to Ohio over Memorial Day weekend, so I may not want to travel back to back like that. We'll see. Too bad the Cleveland Marathon is the weekend before I will be there! I will do Richmond in the fall, running with my brother. I figure I would not be able to run all out in that one because I'd want to run it with him (he may be faster than me - but still), so I was thinking I could do one before that and push myself some, what I did not do in NY. I will keep looking...
Oh - also trying to figure out if I should try my older shoes out again. When I had run in them - I would get some pain in my right shin area. I never knew if it was because of my training or the shoes. I am in Asics 2130's now ("structured cushioning") and I have 2 pair of Landreth's and one pair of Nimbus (both "cushioning"). ANyone know if that could pose a problem? I'll ask over at Fleet Feet next time I am there...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Back to the long run!

This past week, did 4 miles twice during lunch on the ICAR campus and a yoga class (plus 1 mile on the treadmill beforehand). So this was my first weekend long run (not counting the marathon) since mid-October. Went out in the sunny 59° weather with some wind which was very nice and wanted to see how far I could muster, hoping for 10 miles. Ended up doing just that! Felt good too. Muscles a little tight, but feet/heel/felt great! This past week I started planning my training for the next few months - a 10 miler training plan (leading up to Green Valley) and following that up with a half marathon training plan for the GW Parkway 10 miler. Hmmm - now that I look at the plan - I was only supposed to do 8 today. Oh well! May have found a Half marathon to do right after that up in Hickory, NC. After 6 PR's last year, I think I have some more in me (15K, 10 miler, not sure about the 10k, but hopefully the half and full marathons too! Throw in the 2 miler I do every summer too).
Odds and ends: Baby is obviously doing well - and I am always Very thankful my wife understands my need to run (she's seen my crankiness when I can't run). No real vacation this holiday season, so my running should be about normal. Pumped up the tires on the jogging stroller we have even though I won't be able to use it until the baby is ~6 months old (May). May try it out on the Sunrise Run 8k. Almost time for shoe-sale season - will probably get another pair of my 2130's. Got "Once A Runner" and the sequel, "Again to Carthage" (Haven't read that one yet" for x-mas from my brother. Very excited to find it - Fleet Feet has them exclusively I think for a few more months. That'a all today...hopefully more before next weekend!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

4 PR's in 6 weeks - what gives?? Choosing a shorter race.

Paris Mtn 5k. 7th time I've run this (I missed 2004 when I did No races!). Fastest was my 1st (fastest 5k ever until Oct 2008). After the Spinx 5k and NYC - I haven't been doing too much training at all, so another PR was quite a surprise. (Still have the heel thing, but put in a heel insert earlier this week, and that helps, I'd say it's at 80%). 22:27, so another 13 second drop. Won't have that at Greenville News next month! Nice cool weather (~35deg and sunny). I've always felt uncomfortable not running the longer of the races when there are multiple events on the same day. If there's a 5k and a 10k - I feel like I should do the longer one. As I've never done the 20k - it had always bothered (May be a strong word - but just seemed something was missing) me seeing other people running it as I drive home having done the shorter 5k. Today was different though. Having ran up the mountain 2 weeks ago - and knowing that I Could have done that race today, plus being smart for once and Not running one that I maybe shouldn't - I felt good about choosing to do the shorter race. I'm always for cheering on runners - it amazes me how many people are at the finish line standing there quietly until they see the one person they know - then they cheer. Too bad they can't cheer a little for the other people - it certainly puts extra spring into their steps! I'm off subject - and I have my baby here - so I'm off a few days! It Does feel good to run on the weekend again! Don't want another break for a while!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Paris Mtn 5k

So I am going to drop down to the 5k I think. Heel is still an issue, but getting better. Ran 5.5 today and felt fine. I could probably do the 20k, but am looking ahead to the Green Valley 10 miler in Feb and the GW Parkway 10 miler in April. Got back to doing yoga yesterday and getting some cross training in last week too. Still working on getting my mileage back up to 20/wk. Wish I hadn't pushed too hard on the trail run - but I hope I have learned my lesson!
With the temps and weather lately, I am glad to be able to get out and run during my lunch time. Have too much going on in the mornings with the new baby to even think about doing more before work. Getting on here is a chore, but mostly due to my in-laws being here and staying in the computer/guest room. After Friday - hope to get back to a more regular thing on here!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

heel issue, shopping

So I am having a left heel issue. It is actually more on the outside of the side of the heel. Not sure if I hit it on something, it was aggravated by poor mechanics up (or down) Paris Mountain or what. I did run 4 miles on Mon and Wed with no apparant issues - this kind of crept up on me Wed sometime. Anyone know what a heel spur is or feels like?
Anyway - My Paris Mtn run is in jeopardy I guess. I should rest a few days and see how it goes. Didn't even want to ride the stationary bike today even thought that probably would have been fine.
So - on to more exciting things - shopping! Well, shopping for running stuff. Another week or two should bring some new Asics 2130's (same model I am currently wearing, hopefully on sale), another pair of Race Ready shorts, and maybe a second pair of running tights. Is there a manlier name for them? Compression pants? Anyone?