Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The last few days...

Sunday - I will hopefully complete my 40 mile run, about 6 weeks before my 40th birthday. That is really just one of many reasons to run it - not that the others make much sense to that many people.
My concerns for the event:
1. Right calf. Been tight lately during 2 hr runs. Could flare up and stay.
2. Left front/top ankle. Not sure what's going on with that. It is usually sore a day or two after marathons...lately, I've felt it after longer runs. And even when I don't run.
3. Right big toe/arch area. Was sore a couple of weeks ago, but get a twinge now and then.
4. Heat. Trying not to think about it and do the whole mind over matter thing. Didn't think about it once during Chattooga and it was brutally hot. Not that bad considering this weekend .Forecast is low that morning around 56°, high of 84°. I'm hoping much of the trail is in the sahde. Maybe a nice (tail) wind (both directions).
5. 2 days later - I'll be walking a golf course in Charlotte to watch my old HS classmate (PGA Championship winner Rich Beem) practice for the PGA event in Charlotte. Hope I won't be wobbling too much!
Goals - still between 8 and 9 hours. Probably closer to 9 hours. I bought a camera (real digital one instead of the typical disposable I've been getting), so that should be nice to hep document the adventure.

Looking forward to seeing other friends (and new ones) out there.
Finally - having my wife and little girl see me finish an ultra for the first time!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

less than 2 weeks

Enoree 40M is less than two weeks away. I'm nervous about the distance...have some decent runs and then my right calf wants to act up. I ran ~23 on the trails at Paris Mtn a week ago and wondered how another 17 would feel.  I know that is not the way to look at it, but I can't help it.  The other two 50k's I ran, I ran aid station to aid station and that was about as far as I looked.  That's my plan again too...aid stations to the turnaround point, then the same thing back.
Tossing around the idea to use 2 handhelds for the first 10 miles or so, then pick it back up the last 10 miles, when I suspect it will be much warmer (I still don;t like the heat - but after ignoring it during Chattooga last year - I can manage it I think).
Another idea I'm considering is running 5 miles twice the week of the race (Race? Ha - it's an "Event"!), that would give me 50 for the week for the 1st time ever. That's right - didn't hit my 54-mile-week goal I had set out for this training cycle. What's done is done.

Taking it somewhat easy this week as I am traveling to Philly tomorrow for 2 nights. These 2 weeks of "tapering" won't really be too much different from the last week anyway. My legs don't feel fatigued. We'll see after tomorrow's speedwork session.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Recovery week

Taking a little bit of an easy week after hitting 40+ miles last week. ~28 miles over the weekend all at Paris mtn - but felt pretty sluggish the last few on Sunday. The resulting (big) toe soreness hasn't stopped me this week with with speedwork Tuesday and 8.5 miles yesterday morning before work (with a 4:20am alarm). Will get back out there Sunday - but I am revisiting plans for next weekends final long runs for the 40miler training. Back to back or one longer run?

Other notes:
Barkley was last weekend - amazing even to follow the tweets/updates. 10th finisher ever and lots of fun runners! Congrats for making it out there Charles, Byron and everyone else. This falls into the Badwater category for me - no inkling at all to attempt. However - the FHT...in the back of my mind - I can see doing a serious attempt at that. No time soon - but that doesn't mean I'll go out at some point and get some time on there...