Monday, December 27, 2010

stress fracture?

So that minor foot pain that cleared up for a couple of days? I went out for 5-10 miles last Saturday (before the snow fell, we got ~3"!), yes, Christmas Day, and didn't get 100 yards before I felt the pain in my foot. Not bad, but there. I ended up only running 7 from my house. It's now Monday evening and the pain is still there. I can pinpoint it exactly, and it flares up (slightly) when I walk on it. After last week - it is obvious I need more than 3-4 days off of it. I was back in the gym this morning like I did twice last week, just to keep some sense of shape, even if it is not running shape.
Now the question's are:
1. Do I go to the doctor and spend the $100? (Thinking yes, but after Jan 1st when the FSA kicks in).
Assuming I do need to take off ~4-6 weeks...
2. Harbison 50k? Thinking not right now. Sad.
3. Myrtle Beach? Doubtful. Blah.

Really has me feeling this whole year coming up will be shot. Ok - maybe just the first half. I'll be just shy of 1500 miles for 2010 and disappointed my only long races were a marathon and a 50k. I know not running for 4 weeks really affected my stamina back in the summer.
Happy Holidays.

Friday, December 24, 2010

I'm back - 5 week recap!

So after 3+ weeks with no internet - a quick post to catch you up - then my Paris Mountain 20k recap will be next. Hmmm, my last post was Nov 21st? Well, Just over a week after the Camp Croft Half, I was recovering from a temporary bout of plantar fasciatis. I did crank up my mileage from 9.5 to almost 37, including a 16+ mile run. Felt decent, bu tthe 1pm start had me hungry, so much so I almost stopped after 12 to go eat. The following week (11/29) led up to the Paris Mtn race. Temps had mostly been in the 40's until December hit. Dec 2nd, my long mid-week run of 10.2 miles it was 30°. Read about Paris Mtn in my next post (but it went well for me). Hit 32+ miles for the week.
Recovery went well, No real soreness, only a bit to the touch a day or two later, but no affect on my running at all! Each run that week had a temp of 22°. Brrrr. Those 3 runs that week led to my LONG training run at Paris Mountain (on the trails) in preparation for the Harbison 50k coming up Jan 9th which I registered for the day after Paris Mtn. 19.5 miles out there in 3:35. My ~6 mile laps were 1:00, 1:01, 1:10 (extra time for an extra lake loop and water bottle refills). Was happy to get that done. 41 miles that week! That's alot for me.
I moved inside on the treadmill 2 days later as it was 15° outside. 6 miles and the next few days I tended to a sore heel. Not going to do that again. Even my next run 2 days afterwards had 32° with rain/sleet, but those 6 miles were so much better than being on the treadmill. I decided against being away from family for the 5+ hours it would take to run 24 miles (my longest run before Chattooga), and opted for back to back 15 milers on the Paris Mtn trails. (Mostly during naptime, so I'm not really missing anything). Both days were nice (36°, cloudy, but wet & then 42°, sunny but still wet out). Never really felt like I had energy on my 1st one, finished in 2:30. (each 6 mile loop in 1:00 and 1:01). Next day, felt better actually early on. 1st loop was 59 minutes, 2nd was a bit slower as my legs were fatigued at times - 1:05. These loops were actually 7.5 miles each as I added on the full north lake loop, so each 6 mile loop became 7.5 miles, but I was only giving out the 6 mile times. The extra lake-loop added anywhere from 13-15 minutes to each full loop.
Another 36 miles that week and I thought I came thru pretty well from 3 straight weeks averaging 15 miles, to 4 weeks averaging almost 37.
Took it easy this week as my right foot had some pain, I assume associated with the long runs, not likely from some new work shoes I started wearing. Either way, it seems better today and I'll get back out there this weekend for another 15 or so. Technically, I am "tapering" now, even though I am not really on a strict training plan. Harbison is 2 more weeks away. Eeek!