Monday, October 27, 2008

follow me in NYC!! Sunday Nov 2nd!

In case things get too crazy this week (I'm 70% packed already!), I'll go ahead and post what's on my mind! The NYC marathon has splits every 5k, at 13.1 miles, and each of the last 6 miles. the web site is: I assume there will be an athlete tracker there once the race starts. I am in the 10am start wave (Orange path for the 1st 8 miles). Search by last name (Guzik - there is one other one believe it or not) or bib #25093 (I think that's right). I am also in Corral A (I put a 4hr time goal when I registered back in February!) so I should be close to the actual gun time. I expect I'll end up closer to 4:06 if things go well.
I know some co-workers will be paying attention (afterwards if not during), my friends in Bayonne, NJ I am staying with will be out watching, a runner friend (ran Boston in 3:06 I think) is coming down from Philly. A few others in and around NY, and my sister is coming up with me from Atlanta. Of course my wife won't be there - but I'll definitely be running for her and the baby to come!!
Hmmm, what else? Mantras? I've done this once, I can do it again!
Throwaways from Goodwill: A longlseeve running shirt (cotton), not sure from where, but it was a 1st Annual Turkey run. A pair of jogging pants, plus a pullover jacket/sweatshirt ("Palmetto Softball" on the front). I was expecting rain, but now they say Sunny, low of 40, high of 58 for next Sunday. Already had gloves.
Tidbits: Saw Ryan Hall will be at the Expo on Friday - may have to get him to sign a Runner's World if lines aren't crazy! Zola Budd (forget her married name) won the same Asheville Half I ran this year and is running NY. Deena (Drossin) Kastor beat me in Va Beach in 2001. Catherine Nderba and Colleen De Reuck beat me at Cooper River in 2000. Sometimes fun to see who I ran with (even though I never came Close to seeing them in person!). I'm babbling so I'll go for now!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

PR 1 week Before my marathon!

Saturday was the 4th Spinx Run Fest here in Greenville. I was doing the 5k. Wanted to do the Half but with my marathon training - it was one week off! I had suspected I could PR at the Furman 5k until I remembered it was a Cross Country course. For some reason - didn't think much about it for this race. Heard at the start it was one of the fatser courses planned (1st time for this route). So we start off with a long downhill, getting on the Swamp Rabbit trail (off and back on and off again). Ran half time on the rubberized surface - maybe a little too much give for me and half on the paved surface, but a very nice trail! Mile 1 at 7:06. A bit too fast (forgetting about the long downhill at that time). Mile 2 pretty flat on the trail. Mile 2 at 14:34 (2nd mile 7:28). Mile three was uphill, but I usually do all right on uphills and ran that mile at 7:26 and I knew at that point (22:01) that I would be my best 5k time (Paris Mtn 5k in Dec 2001, ran 22:52. Was my 2nd certified road 5k ever). Pushed hard coming into Fluor Field at the West End, home of the Greenville Drive - yes, that is the official name - coming onto the warning track, couple of sharp turns and hit the finish at 22:40. That was by my watch. No mat at the start, so the official chip time was 22:45. Either way - it counts! No issues afterwards. Had some very nice conversations with a fellow bogger - Marion (Shut it and Run) who's training for San Antonio in 3 weeks. Her schedule was also one week off from doing the half marathon, but was volunteering like a good runner! (Good luck on your last 20 today!)
Ran 8 this morning. Temp was about 45 and sunny. NY for next Sunday has low of 40, high of 54 and few showers. Very excited about the temp. Running in the 40's is perfect for me, shorts, sleeveless T, gloves for the 1st 2 miles. Still not sure about the new shoes. Nothing close to blistering today, but not entirely confident in them. 2 more runs before the big day, so it'll be a last minute decision.
More on NY in another day or so - then I'll be off!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

ups and downs - luckily - some more ups!

Been a little while for my blog...where were we last? Oh yeah - the rest of last week went fine. Had my 8 miles Thursday with 4x1600's at a 7:00 pace. Not bad. Painted the baby's room Saturday and Sunday, which involved standing on hardwoods, reaching and going up and down a ladder. Ran 12 Sunday morning. Not sure what happened - maybe a combination of painting, shoes with more miles on them than they should or what, but my feet didn't feel good. Besides like I was not wearing shoes and running on a hard surface, the ball of my right foot (under the last 2 toes) was sore. Didn't see a bruise, but sure felt like one. Monday, decided to get new shoes (same Asics model, 2130's as usual). Wore them to work Wed & Thur to help break them in (and had more cushion than my regular shoes). Today - foot was feeling better, so tried running. All seems to be ok! New shoes were good, no soreness. I had also purchased (with recommendations) new running shorts - Race Ready shorts that solves my camera-carrying question. Pockets for gels, mesh pockets along the back waistband, including one longer one that the camera fits nicely in. Forgot the camera was even there after the first mile!
I am certainly feeling better about my ability to run the marathon. Nagging issues in my head I need to work thru: shoes breaking in all right (will know more after my 8 miler scheduled for Sunday), how my right knee will feel with the hills/after 20+ miles, my left hamstring which has been tight with a deep soreness at times, and of course my wife not having the baby while I'm away! Watched the beginning of "Spirit of the Marathon", so that gives me a good feeleing, knowing I have done this and helping visualize doing it again.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quick recovery! Packing.

So - 4 miles this morning before work - I could see my breath at times!! :-)
Felt fine. Still twinges here and there from Sunday's long run, but I'm still very surprised about my recovery from these runs. Guess I shouldn't be after almost 6 months of about 25 miles a week. I've certainly never kept that mileage for anywhere close to that length of time. Started getting my pile ready for NYC. So far - just the Official Handbook and a blank videotape (Hopefully - my friends up there can record NBC's live coverage for me). I'm not checking a bag for that short of a trip - I just need to make sure my liquids (Gels, vaseline, etc) all fit - otherwise I'll have to buy them up there. Another thing I'm doing to get ready (Besides reading the current issue of Runner's World with some Good articles on NYC: putting "Spirit of the Marathon" on my Netflix queue!
8 miles planned for Thursday. Took off yesterday from my usual yoga class. Will ride the bike tomorrow to XT. More then...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Last long run before NYC

Well, I will blame it on my 5k race yesterday, I wouldn't call the run bad, but it wasn't good either. Definitely not like the 1st 20 miler 3 weeks ago. Out at 6am, mid 60's but with a good breeze and clouds. Tried to do what I am planning for the marathon. Clothes - can only do some much as I don't know what the temps will be. Did have a little chafing with my shorts (which I have Never had before) but that can be remedied. Tried over the last few weeks to like the Power Bar energy gels, but will end up carrying my own Gu. 2 in my water bottle clip have a tendency to come out, 3 work great. But as I will be going thru them - I won't always have 3! Decided to take water at each stop immediately before/during/after the Gu, but feel ok doing the Gatorade at the others. I drink alot running or not, so I will take something at each stop. If it is goig to be over 65 or so - maybe even 60 - I may carry a clip with a water bottle. I am still not sure about a disposable camera. Tried velcro on the side of my shorts. Wasn't too bad, but was coming off after a few miles. Need something else if I am to take that along. I will walk at each water stop for no more than 30 seconds. I know that amounts to 13 minutes, but I will be moving and I do think it will help in the long term. I am more concerned about feeling ok afterwards than I am with time (assuming I break 4:18!).
So I did 20 miles, with a couple of hills at the beginning and ~ mile 15 (NYC bridges!). Again a steady 8 min/lap pace. Looking at my lap splits - I went out too fast. It's too dark to see my times for the 1st hour at least. Was under 7:50 each lap the first 6 laps and ended up doing 2o miles (or so) in 2:58. So about the exact same as 3 weeks ago. However - the last half lap - behind my right knee started getting sore. Not bad, but I could see it affecting my running if I had gone longer. Luckily - I can coast for the next 3 weeks!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Furman 5k XC

This morning was the Furman 5k on the Cross Country course (golf course). Had No idea what the course was like - turned out to be good, not too many hills, but still challenging. Only my 2nd 5k this year, but my 3rd in a row under 24 minutes. As I have a 20 miler scheduled for tomorrow (my Last long run for my marathon prep), I didn't want to go all out. Went out too fast as usual, but it all felt fine. Thought the temps were going to be a problem (65 when I left), but the clouds and wind made it feel much cooler. MY week was a little off from the norm as I did a 4 miler during lunch on Thursday instead of my early morning run. More hills which is fine, but the heat again was not too pleasant. I'll be happy when it is down in the 50's around lunchtime.
More tomorrow after my long run!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Still dreaming of future races

I know the baby is due 8 weeks from today and my life will change. I expect running to be a part of my life and I know other people do it, so I will too. I also know I couldn't run much after the 1st marathon (especially with the little training I did for it) - but I am hopeful to be running again days later. At least shuffling along in order to finish the Paris Mountain 11k Trail Run a week later. Not sure how I'd train for it - but the Paris Mountain 20k is still a goal of mine, but I also don't want to injure myself and hurt my chances of the Myrtle Beach Marathon in February. So - for the amount of training I am doing - I like my chances. Right now - I'd say my marathon will be from 3:56 - 4:07.
Short 5.4 miler tomorrow morning. Getting up at 5 wears me out some days.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Easy Week! Race sizes

It's been a relatively easy week. My 16 miler last weekend went fine. The weather has gotten the temps down into the upper 40's for my running a couple mornings last week. It's funny to feel the front of my legs in those times and how cold they feel to my henads. Feel fine to me otherwise - don't even think about needing to wear something other than shorts unless it very windy or maybe below 40 degrees. So - this week was 6 & 8 milers, plus some cross training (stationary bike). Tomorrow is only 9 miles. That will be pleasant, actually being able to sleep in again!
NYC is 4 weeks from tomorrow! Got my Official Handbook in the mail. Still waiting to find out my bib # and which wave I will start in. I put down a 4 hr goal time, so I think that should get me in the top 13,000 for the 1st wave (starting at 9:40am, with the 2 others following at 10am and 10:20). It should have a similar feel to other races with ~13000 people I've done: San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon and 2006 US Army 10 miler at 15000+ and Cooper River 2001 & 2002 at ~14000; RnR 2001 Va Beach Half Marathon at ~11000. Then there is the 2007 Cooper River Bridge 10k, with almost 29,000 finishers!
Saw in the latest Runner's World Brandi Chastain is running NY this year, and I expect her goal time will be under 4 hrs as her 2 previous half marathons were ~1:47 (my PR). Wonder if I'll see her or any other celebs (Katie Holmes and of course Lance Armstrong last year). Who knows - I may be so focused on what I am doing, I won't even think about it.
Well - until next time...