Thursday, February 26, 2009

night before the game

So I felt bad all weekend again, into this week. It's Thursday night and I've had this "thing" for 2 weeks now. I did go to soccer practice last Suunday afternoon. Wasn't too bad. Definitely got winded running up and down the field! Kicked the ball and ran and practiced for a good 2 hours. Nice game between us and some other (younger) guys. That night - could feel some soreness in my muscles. Monday - worse. Tuesday - had to help my legs move on and off the bed, sofa, where-ever I was. Hobbling all around. Not a pretty site! Soccer puts you in a different shape than long distance running - there is no in between unless you do both! I put off my 2 mile Tuesday run until Wednesday. It was not pleasant either. Not due to soreness, that was fine -but my cold. Ran it a little fast (no watch), but it felt like I was trying to catch my breath the whole way. Soreness was gone today, which is good because the game is tomorrow night! It is supposed to rain to next day or two, so it may get cancelled/postponed. That would actually be ok...I squatted down this evening and had some kind of pain in my left glute. Out of nowhere. Ouch. Now I'm hobbling from that. I'll stretch it out and hope for the best....or at least soe Heavy rain!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

still sick...

Last week was Not good for running. Tried to do 6 on Tuesday - ran 3.5 and gave up. Head hurting, nagging cough, nose that won't stop. Thought I'd rest on Wed, fly Thursday so I could run a little on Friday. Didn't happen. The first flight was painful - in my head/ear until the pressure adjusted. Running didn't happen Saturday either. Doing a little better now (Sunday), but decided I would play in the Alumni soccer game next Friday and thought I had better 1. kick a soccer ball before then and 2. meet the guys on my team. I figure I'll get some running in today at soccer practice. I expect next week will suffer too. Does not bode well for the Marathon I was hoping for in May, but that's ok. I may just find a good Half Marathon and see about PR-ing.
Some good Corporate Shield races this year - especially the new GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail 5k. May have to see about adding a few in my schedule.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Other Sports

So I grew up playing other sports. Baseball thru 6th grade - then I moved to Germany where they don't play baseball. What do they play? Soccer (futbol) of course! Played a couple of years in youth leagues, school, pickup games with the Germans. Loved it. Watched practically Every game of the 1986 World Cup (thanks to Germany's 3 tv stations, our single AFN tv station didn't show anything but the finals). Anyway, I also played Tennis, whoch has nothing to do with anything. Even with all the soccer I played, I Hated running outside the game. When we did laps after practice, I was always dead last. Didn't like it. Couldn't do it. Moved and there was no more soccer. Played football for 1 season (they recruited me to kick because they couldn't even kick an extra point in losing 7-6 in the playoffs). A month after the season, I moved again and played another 2 yrs of HS soccer. Still didn't care for running, although during games, I guess I did fine. Fast forward 11 years to the year 2000 when I start running for fun (well - at least to keep myself sane). For many years (and still today) - I love running and need it. 2 of those years were interrupted by my "other" sports. Played softball for quite a few years, but 2 of those seasons hurt. Late 2002: dislocated and broke a toe that kept me from running well for a while. Had my slowest 5k ever during that recovery 2 months later. Turned around and 2 more months later - hurt my hamstring during a softball practice. Only had one race the next 8 months and I was quite miserable (and had an even slower 5k 1 yr after the last slow one). Needless to say - I gave up on softball. Haven't played much of any other sport (hiking doesn't count) where I could damage myself. So this week, I see my HS soccer alumni group is planning a game vs the current HS team. I haven't played since a 6-a-side league back in 1992 (so some current players could conceivable not have even been born yet!). I'd love to play, but I do Not want to get hurt. I tossed my cleats right after I broke my toe. I think I do have my shin guards from HS. The game is Feb 27 and I have no other plans that night. Stay tuned!

I ran.

So I woke up early and decided I wanted to run, try to do 3 miles and at least hit 15 for the week. Was feeling so much better than yesterday, not even close to 100% though. Felt good after 3, so decided I'd do 8 and hit 20 for the week. I did it. Got done early (pool was Still full of kids). Of course I've spent the rest of the day on my butt resting, drinking fluids and trying to do nothing. I've accomplished that! Plans for next week are two more treadmill runs before flying home. If I can muster myself into doing some yoga in my hotel room - I'll throw that in there on an off day. If I don't feel up for my next long run - I am planning on next weekend to be 14 instead of the 6 scheduled - I may strongly consider not doing the May marathon I want to. I'm still not convinced I could get a work trip out there - things keep changing at work. I'm 13 weeks out and I've only done over 10 once (did 12.6 four weeks ago). Now that I look - at this point for NYC, I had only been doing one a month of 12-15 miles for the preceding 4 months and only slightly more weekly mileage. I guess I'm doing ok then. Oh remembered something else, but I think I'll put that in my Next post (it'll be about other sports!)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sick run

So I did run today. Went down to the treadmill at 10:30am, saw the sun bright outside, overlooking a pool full of kids and families, was quite warm in the exercise room - no air on to speak of. With the warmth and me not feeling my best, I was only able to do 3 miles. Really wanted to do half of my 14, then the other 7 tomorrow, but I couldn't handle it. Hopefully - I'll feel decent in the morning before it gets too warm down there.

Sick in El Paso. Brother update

Travel does this to me sometimes. Starts with a tickle in my throat, then stuffy nose, fever, loss of appetite, aches. That's where I am at this Saturday. All that planning/worrying about where to do my 14 miler this morning. Was also going to drive 4 1/2 hours to visit high school friends in Tucson, but sadly that isn't happening either. After skipping dinner loast night, I did go eat a big breakfast. Saw two people on the treadmills, and that made me think I could get on there sometime today/tomorrow. We'll see. (I do want to keep my weekend-running string intact, so I'm sure I can at least do a couple miles. Back up to 9 weekends in a row).
So my brother is training for the Richmond Marathon (We're supposed to run it together) in Mid November. He ran 2 marathons back in the early 90's and hasn't run in around 5 years. He's been doing stairmaster every morning, but I don't thnk he's actually run yet. He did sign up for a 10k in March (Ukrops Momument Ave), which Ifelt was appropriate. He then emailed asking if a half marathon 2 weeks later was smart. No it is not. There's no hurry to do that distance, even if the race does have a cool name (Dismal Swamp Stomp I think). Granted he was in the Army (Ranger, 82nd airborne) and ran his 2 marathons in about 3 hrs each - but still! I wouldn't be surprised if he does it anyway.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

hotel treadmill. Music

So - being 2 time zones away means I wake up even earlier, which is fine for getting in my workout before work. Getting home from work at 7pm makes an evening workout near impossible. So yesterday morning was a 6am 4 mile treadmill run. They had these nice little screens to watch tv - but there was only one channel and it had horrible reception - so much for technology. Glad I had my ipod. I do need to update my playlist - it has been the same for many months now. I have been using it on practically every run lately. Think it may have something to do with the colder weather....not really sure.
Oh - tried emailing the runelpaso website for advice - email would not go thru. Still not sure what my plan is for my long run...this should be easier. I'll do a little more searching on mapmyrun I think. The El Paso marathon is coming up in 3 weeks, but the course is very road heavy. I may try and run the middle 14 miles of it though - need to look a little more.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Green Valley Rcae Report

Did I PR?
Green Valley 10 miler started at the Furman campus at 8:45. Sun was out, about 40 degrees at the start, not much wind - Excellent running weather! Great crowd for the 8k and 10 miler. No rabbits in this one - just me trying to hold an 8 min/mile pace. I never really know where I'm at the 1st mile, go out a bit fast for the first quarter mile, then get into a nice rhythm. 7:39 mile 1. Legs didn't feel great - just a little sluggish in the thighs that stayed there the whole race. Kept having to "will" them to keep the pace, even to keep moving (mostly later on). Was tempted to stop and walk about mile 8, but kept at it. Passed quite a few people the last 3 miles I hadn't expected to also. My pace varied quite a bit - but it is a hilly course, so I'll attribute it to that. Slowed to an 8:15 at one point, but kicked in a 7:14 the last mile to finish in 1:18:11 (or so) by my watch. I was very focused on my running the whole way - very few moments of wandering thoughts - mostly monitoring my breathing, keeping my legs moving, wondering are the people in front of me getting further away???
Will be interesting in late April at the GW Parkway race...that one is downhill. Wonder how much, if any, faster I will be.
I'm out of town for work the next 11 days or so - so maybe I'll post a bit more from my hotel room in El Paso. Have to find a 14 mile route for next weekend, either in El Paso or if I take a jaunt to Tucson to visit friends, may squeeze one in there.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My 10 miler history and Mexico

So Sunday I went out around 9:30am. It's pretty good to get out for a long run a little late sometimes! I had been so used to getting up and starting by 6:30am all summer and into the fall, but now I look forward to sleeping in. So the 10 miles went well. I ran comfortably, but ended up finishing the 9.9 miles at about an 8:00/mi pace. Looks good for my 1:20 goal for the Green Valley 10 miler this coming Saturday. I really enjoyed my other two 10 mile races. My 1st was Oct 2006 at the US Army ten-miler. My HS friend was running it with a group of co-workers, and I was slooowly building up to that distance. I think that was my farthest run since Sept 2001 (Labor Day at the inaugural Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Va. Beach). So I ended up running the whole ting with one of his co-workers running her 1st 10 miler (and farthest ever). We had a good time and were trying for 10 minute miles. I particularly struggled the last 1.5 miles, but she pulled me along and I finished in 1:36:15. Didn't train too much after that run, but ran the 2007 Green Valley race in Feb 2007. Went out very conservatively as I heard this had a few hills (DC was relatively flat) and was thru 5 miles in 48:35. Felt great as the race went on, had No trouble with the hills, got faster (last 3 miles were each under 9:00 including a last mile in 8:05). 2nd 5 miles in under 45 minutes: total time: 1:33:24. My goal is to break 1:20 this weekend, and maybe take another 3 minutes off in my April 25th 10 miler.
Ah yes - travel..I am going to Juarez, Mexico Sunday night for work. Was originally returning the following Friday afternoon, but it's been extended to the following Thursday. Other than the obvious missing my new daughter and wife, I will have to find a good place to do a 14 mile training run while I'm there. The only El Paso running club I've been able to find is Run El Paso. Website is Not that good (no contact list!), but they do seem to promote (not sure if they put on) Many events. We shall see. I will at least have a laptp - so I can blog from the border! (Due to security, have you heard of all the random drug killings in Juarez? we are now stayin gin El Paso and crossing the border every day). Adios for now!