Friday, July 29, 2011

Chicago Headliners....Daughter's 1st "run"

More big names coming to run the Chicago Marathon...
Ryan Hall and Hope Solo (No relation to Han or the guy that's afraid of snakes) (and other US Soccer teammates Alex Morgan and Abby Wambach maybe?)
I sure don't expect to see them during the race - not so unlike NYC in 2008. Maybe a pre-race thing somehow...

Will be interesting flying back to SC a mere 4.5 hrs after I finish...maybe I'll learn I shouldn't do that!

Been getting a little antsy having Not run a race since the end of May. I did have a wonderful moment this week though. Took my little girl (who is 2yrs 7+ months old to her first run "event": The Greenville Track Club's All-comer's Track Meet. They've been going on forever, are free to kid's under 17 and GTC members (and only $3 for non-members). After a little group job, they have a kid's (5 and under) 50m dash. It's called a dash, but many of them walk, with prodding from parents, most without tears. My little girl ran and was so happy with her ribbon.

On the way home she decided she wanted to go back the following day. Too bad we waited until the last one of the 2011 session! We'll certainly head back out in June/July next year.
She also decided she wanted to add it (and her purple wrist band) to my wall collection of finisher medals...

Happy kids and proud parents...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Surviving the Heat

It's summertime. I'm in South Carolina (~Greenville) and although I've been running down here for 11 years or so, I am still not acclimated to the heat. The temp Saturday for my long run was 78°, but the best it was that day as it reached ~94 or so. I would chose 42° if I had my preference, but I do not.
How do I cope?
Other than obviously running slower - this is what I did Saturday for my 18 miler:
1. Start at 5:30am. I knew I'd be running for 2hrs 45 minutes, so the earlier the better. I've started as early as 4:45am.
2. Hydrate. I carry a 20oz bottle of water with ice/water. I have another 20oz bottle, plus a 32oz bottle, plus a bottle of Gatorade - all in a cooler with ice packs. I drank it all - I need my fluids!
3. I did something different for this training run, something I have only tried once before - and I will do it again. I brought two bandannas and put them in the cooler. Added some ice in each and some water too. After 1 hour, I wrapped one around my neck held by a large safety pin - I learned my lesson after using a bib (ie: small) safety pin at Enoree. The first one always helps the most! The ice lasts about 3 miles or so, and I replaced it with #2 about an hour later.
Guess that's all I really did. My socks/shoes got a bit squishy after 2 hours, so a sock change would have been nice, but no blisters, so no issue. I forgot to buy more Gu, so after 1 at 45 minutes, I was without food. Forgot my Power Bars too. Ooops.
I always wear a hat/visor (even in the dark) and occasionally dump some water on my head. I've been running without a shirt, but am careful about how long I am in the sun.
Anyone have any other tips - please share!!
Next weekend's 20 isn't looking pleasant either...Low 75° Sat, High 97°


Monday, July 18, 2011

Early long slow runs

Twelve weeks until the Chicago Marathon and I have just completed my first 20 mile training run for it. Last weekend was 6 Friday and another 17 on Saturday. After a tough speedwork session Monday (5x1000), my tempo run on Wednesday gave me a scare. Coming around a corner not considered "tight" by any stretch of the imagination, and one I have run by a thousand times or so, my ankle twisted somewhat. Didn't hurt initially and assumed all was fine as I finished up. The next morning though - a couple of inches up from my ankle - a tender spot. This has happened to me before and I thought I remembered it going away pretty quickly. I skipped my planned "extra" run Friday and put off my long run from Saturday to Sunday. I was a bit worried as I started out Sunday for my 20 miler, but my leg was feeling much better and have not felt a twinge since. Whew!
My 17 last weekend was wonderful...even pace-all the way to the end, slightly under goal, and felt Great!
This weekend's 20 - planned to be 15 secs/mi slower - was also Very good. Steady pace the whole way (didn't really slow down at all!). Overcast skies helped a bit, even with 69° temps. 

This was my earliest 20-miler in training....not that I have too many to compare to (and then that I actually had a lengthy training plan for). Am still close to my Charlotte Marathon Training, in terms of mileage/distance. Just a little off of speed, but that is ok - I think I'm in good shape!
Coming up soon: 18 mile long run, followed by 20 #2.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Running away from home

It's always a little more difficult to run while away for work. I always say I'll get some rest while I'm away form home, but that never works out. Going to bed late doesn't help with a 5am wake up call to run. Since I will not run on the treadmill at the hotel - I go outside. I run around the hotel, thru the parking lot of the office park it sits in, I run thru a small neighborhood nearby, and I run thru the Parx casino parking lot - up and down empty aisles. For my speedwork session - I do laps around a particular office building. ~1.75laps make up 800m (determined by running my normal warmup pace and going from there). I am glad I don't have to go more than 6 miles on these's a challenge to find just 6 miles there.
I am back home now and another long run completed. 15.3 miles just under my scheduled pace. No complaints other than a 75° starting temp at 5:45am.
14 weeks until Chicago Marathon. I got my plane ticket today to match my brother's leaving time of Sunday 5pm. Quick turnaround (We'll finish by 11:30am), but that will get me back home to the family faster!