Monday, December 27, 2010

stress fracture?

So that minor foot pain that cleared up for a couple of days? I went out for 5-10 miles last Saturday (before the snow fell, we got ~3"!), yes, Christmas Day, and didn't get 100 yards before I felt the pain in my foot. Not bad, but there. I ended up only running 7 from my house. It's now Monday evening and the pain is still there. I can pinpoint it exactly, and it flares up (slightly) when I walk on it. After last week - it is obvious I need more than 3-4 days off of it. I was back in the gym this morning like I did twice last week, just to keep some sense of shape, even if it is not running shape.
Now the question's are:
1. Do I go to the doctor and spend the $100? (Thinking yes, but after Jan 1st when the FSA kicks in).
Assuming I do need to take off ~4-6 weeks...
2. Harbison 50k? Thinking not right now. Sad.
3. Myrtle Beach? Doubtful. Blah.

Really has me feeling this whole year coming up will be shot. Ok - maybe just the first half. I'll be just shy of 1500 miles for 2010 and disappointed my only long races were a marathon and a 50k. I know not running for 4 weeks really affected my stamina back in the summer.
Happy Holidays.

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Kathrin said...

Any news on this??