Friday, January 6, 2012

Harbison 50k race tomorrow

Wondering what causes people to DNF, or more particularly, not start an event. I understand being completely under trained, work/family priorities, serious sicknesses.
Why do I bring this up today, 12 hours before my 50k?
I have a cold.
Started trying to fight it off Tuesday after my 4.3miles in 24° weather. (Didn't feel too cold)
It was a draw thru Thursday morning. Someone asked what would it take to Not start on Saturday? Not sure, but I was not close to that.
I have only not started 3 or 4 races, I have limited knowledge.
1. My 1st Half ever. Sept 2000, Asheville Half. Was ready enough, but got into some poison ivy that week and was absolutely miserable. Drove up to get my shirt and drove right back.
2. Reedy River Run 10k 2003 or 2004. Think I had a cold and it was a cold rainy morning. May have been injured/under trained?
3,4. Marine Corps Marathons back in 2000 and 2001 or 2002. Completely under trained/injured. Fought injuries for Years until I tried the right shoe (Asics 2120's and such) back in 2007 - after 7 years of running. How ridiculous is that?!

So I got a little worse yesterday - moved more down into my throat/chest, head ached, even had achy teeth. Fever, stuffy/runny nose (and bloody noses), chills, constant tickle int he throat and annoying cough. Have mostly had an appetite though, and have gotten some sleep. The 5hrs Mon night and only 6 Tuesday night probably didn't help. Rested much of today and felt a bit better - but it gets worse as the sun goes down.
No goals for tomorrow. Hope to not have my 1st DNF. Surely this isn't enough to do it. My 50k PR streak may be over.
Good luck to all those out there and to the volunteers - you are appreciated!!

No idea how tomorrow will feel.

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