Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pre-Race details

So Saturday is the Black Mountain Monster 12hour (Race for Awesomeness). I have high hopes for running 52.6 miles, or 17 laps of the 3.1 mile course. Anything over 40 will be a distance record for me though. I am very excited...Lists have been made and began packing and prepping yesterday.

Psyche and Charles will be there - looking forward to some good times catching up with them - and hopefully getting some awesome advice!
Good luck to all those running Chattooga this of my 1st ultra only two years ago. Wow, only 2 years?? It seems like I've been doing ultras for much longer...wishful thinking!

Weather for the weekend looks encouraging: High Temp at Black Mountain of 71°. Mostly sunny, but a little wind too. Of course - I consider anything over 60° "hot", but I'll manage the best I can. Will seem downright comfy over 90's at some other races...
It must be obvious I have not raced since January when you see that I have just signed up for a race in Feb of 2013! The 7th El Paso Marathon is Feb 24th. I often travel to El Paso/Juarez for work, so I figured I'd take in some sights! More on this later, but it is a net downhill and has a 1000' drop in the first 5 miles.
Have I said I am also doing the full marathon at Camp Croft in July??
So right now - my future schedule is:
June 2 - Black Mountain Monster 12hr
July 28 - Camp Croft Trail Marathon
Sept 16 - Buncombe 55k
Oct 13 - New River 50k
Nov - Camp Croft Half Marathon (tentative)
Jan 5, 2013 - Harbison 50k
Feb 24 - El Paso Marathon

Pretty ambitious for me...guess these last few months of 40+ mile weeks may be giving me a false sense of security!
Wish me luck Saturday!!

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