Friday, October 9, 2009

Moon shadows & ultras

So Thursday morning I ran my usual morning tempo run out at Oak Grove. Was very pleasant running under a very bright moon that cast my shadow as I ran at 6 in the morning. The run was wonderful to -was not too difficult or even uncomfortable for my 5 miles at a 7:50 pace. Only thing wrong was I ran 1 lap short on my cool down, so 6.5 miles total instead of 7.7.
Had some slight heel discomfort the last day or two, so skipped yoga and instead did 40 minutes of cardio (10 min elliptical & 30 minutes stationary bike) and some ab work before and after. Doing my long run Sunday, so hoping it will not interfere.
Been seriously looking for an ultramarathon to do next year. Having recently finished Ultramarathon Man and now reading one of the Marathon and Beyond publications - I really want to. So many good sites out there on training and recommendations (Umstead, JFK50 to name two). My friend Tom (from work) is a much faster/better runner than I am and is also interested. That is further enticing us...

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