Thursday, October 15, 2009

Post-Charlotte plan

My brain is currently trying to convince the rest of me that it will be possible for me to run the Charlotte Marathon on Dec 12th, and then 4 weeks later, run my first ULTRA! The Salem Lake Frosty 50k.
I told you how much I enjoyed the course when I ran the 30k last month...well, that would be an ideal course for my first one. There actually aren't many that are appealing to me - one who does not like heat, but may actually consider one of the SC ultra series events (Buncombe 34, Chattooga 50k, Lynch's Woods 50k or the FATS 40/50).
Yes - my training is going well, and I could use Charlotte as a training run (while still hopefully having a PR and breaking 4 hours!), but I did not recuperate well from either NYC or the Windermere Marathon's. I did too much too soon afterwards (the following weekend both times). I'm samrter now, in better shape, and obviously deluded.
More soon!

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Kathrin said...

Sounds like you have your work cut out for you! ;-)