Sunday, September 5, 2010

Comparing two runs, 3 weeks apart

3 weeks ago, I ran 17.9 miles on my loop course (21 loops of 0.85mi each). It was Hot. 74° and 97% humidity, and that was at 5am. I did ok until the last 3 miles, where my feet were sore and just ran out of energy. 2:55 minutes. Fastest lap was 7:40, and that was my 2nd lap. Legs were getting heavy as the week progressed and I skipped a long run the following week while on vacation in Kiawah.
Fast forward ahead to this morning.
60° at the start (I didn't have to start super early either - 6:10am) and low humidity. Was quite cool - coolest it's been in many months. Even after a long day Saturday (5am wake up and all day in Atlanta, coming home at 10:30pm), I still felt rested as I started off. My plan called for a 9:10/mi pace (or 7:53/lap). I think I went over that twice - both times when I stopped to refill my water bottle. Other than that, it was typically around 7:30, with my fastest lap being my Last at 7:05! Legs felt Great. Only started feeling my hips the last 2-3 laps. Was tempted to add on a mile or two, but was so satisfied, I stopped when I was supposed to. My finish time: 2:42. Only 13 minutes faster than 3 weeks ago! Looking back - it was the exact time I ran back in March, but still 5 minutes Slower than just before my PR in the Spinx Half Marathon. Still, I like where I am right now.

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