Friday, September 3, 2010

1000 miles!

I almost forgot - my run on Sept 1st (Wednesday's hill run) made it an even 1000 miles for the year so far. That is even with 5 weeks of practically no mileage while I tended to my foot. Last year it took me until the first week in November to reach that mark. I just missed 1000 miles in 2008. I know some people set mileage goals for the year. Hmmm, did I? Doesn't seem like I did.
I have tentatively written down a schedule for the remainder of the year, building towards a 50k in the 1st week of January 2011. That plan would get me another 500 miles in the next 3 months. Probably a bit much, but it is always adjustable!

Any bets on when I will hit the 1000 mile mark in 2011? Or a total mileage guess? Your guess is as good as mine!

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Kristen said...

That's awesome Brian!!! I'm catching up on all your posts now. Work then sick have left me behind. Glad your head cold is feeling better too - don't over-do it though on that 20-miler if you're feeling weak. Don't forget to enjoy your run for me!!!