Thursday, November 11, 2010

Post Race recovery

So I took off 4 full days after the Marine Corps Marathon. After a tour around the National Zoo the day after the race and another full day of soreness, I took 2 more days just to be safe. My next run (Friday) was a very easy 5 miler. Felt a little rusty and sluggish, but no real pains, so that was encouraging. Times weren't really that bad at all, even though it felt like I wasn't moving at all.
Sunday, I finally made it back out to Paris Mountain to run some trails. With the Camp Croft Trail Half Marathon coming up in another week or so (at that point) and my desire to do another trail 50k, the sooner I got back out there, the better!
Wow - it felt good to be out, running alone with beautiful leaves on the trees and the trail, dodging hidden rocks and roots. And my legs?!? Fresh. Can't say I've ever felt that strong running this ~6 mile loop. I usually power hike up some sections, but I never felt the need. I know I was a good 4-5 minutes off my typical time. Go figure.
Of course, a little ankle-twisting episodes caught up to me a few days later with some tenderness on the outer part of my calf. After another 6 miler early this week, I skipped my run today and it feels much better. No more of that!!
Camp Croft Half in 2 days! Not looking for anything other than a nice run and seeing some of my Chattooga 50k friends. Congrats to Dan and Weezy for finishing their 1st 100 mile runs last weekend at Pinhoti (Alabama). So excited for them...what an amazing accomplishment.

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