Sunday, November 21, 2010

Training setback, but recovering!

Had to attend Greenbuild in Chicago Tue-Fri last week, working a booth. Long days on my feet, very little time to work out. My foot issue did Not get better and I still wasn't sure what was wrong. Tues, Wed and Thurs were spent standing at the booth with a couple of free moments hobbling around the expo. The pain was on the bottom (reminiscent of my single 1 week bout with what was likely Plantar Fasciatis), but also along the outer part and just below the ankle.
Was getting a little restless as each day passed. Got back home Friday, that being my 6th straight day of not working out. Strangely, for no real reason, my foot pretty much stopped hurting.
Saturday I went for a run, doing 6+ miles of hills. My legs certainly did Not have what they did the last few weekends. Cardio has suffered too. Foot? Just fine - go figure. Other than some soreness in my right hamstring, came thru it ok. We'll have to see how quickly I can start really training for Myrtle Beach and the Harbison 50k. Was supposed to crank it up this weekend into next week.

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