Friday, April 8, 2011

Recovery week

Taking a little bit of an easy week after hitting 40+ miles last week. ~28 miles over the weekend all at Paris mtn - but felt pretty sluggish the last few on Sunday. The resulting (big) toe soreness hasn't stopped me this week with with speedwork Tuesday and 8.5 miles yesterday morning before work (with a 4:20am alarm). Will get back out there Sunday - but I am revisiting plans for next weekends final long runs for the 40miler training. Back to back or one longer run?

Other notes:
Barkley was last weekend - amazing even to follow the tweets/updates. 10th finisher ever and lots of fun runners! Congrats for making it out there Charles, Byron and everyone else. This falls into the Badwater category for me - no inkling at all to attempt. However - the the back of my mind - I can see doing a serious attempt at that. No time soon - but that doesn't mean I'll go out at some point and get some time on there...


Randy said...

Brian, I had never even heard of the Barkley until this issue of Runners World. I was simply in awe of the story and the race overall. Just an incredible experience. Like you I don't think I'm up to that kind of punishment.

imtheguz said...

Amazing to think that people finish that. Check out
for some more detailed descriptions on a 1-loop (19 hour) experience!