Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chicago Marathon Training - 16 weeks and counting

I am cleared of the poison ivy madness and have run a few times. The 10 day break I took was the longest since Dec 2007 (also a 10 day break). I didn't run and it felt odd - especially since I wasn't "injured", just completely miserable.
My runs since have been fine...2 longer runs of ~11 and ~14. Some speedwork and medium-lengths runs. Today started the 16 weeks leading up to Chicago.
I am using the FIRST plan again ("Furman Institute of Running and Scientific Training" - look them up). 3 basic runs planned, but I am adding a 4th the day before my long run. The 3-day plan worked for me before (3:53 - 2009 Charlotte Marathon), so I'm sticking with it.
Today's first real scheduled workout was not quite completed as required...3x1600m@7:02. I'm doing the 3:40 marathon training in order to hit 3:55 or so - yes, my training is going to be hard. After my warm-up miles, hit the 1st two in 7:12 and 7:08. That was all I had and I gave up. I jogged the last one and my cool down mile in about the same pace. I call that close enough. My legs were dead. It was ~72° this morning at 5:30am...anyway, I am also still getting my legs back after my 10 day break.
Next 2 weeks will be spent in Florida (Vacation - yep, even hotter down there) and Philly (work), so back to running in a not-so-great area for running. Will still avoid the treadmill up there like the plague.

Other Chicago Marathon news:
Lance Armstrong is planning to run Chicago (3:30 is what I think I saw?), as well as 25 or so high quality runners, including the 2nd fastest marathoner ever (2ns at Boston, Moses Mosop) at 2:03:06

I do miss the trails...my long road runs have not been as pleasant, and it is not just the 70°+ temps before the sun rises. Achy arches at times that I hope subsides on my longer runs.
Stay tuned!


Randy said...

Hi Brian,

I used FIRST last year for thunder road too (3:56)...but I didn't do well on the 2 x-train days...I think it cost me because I got GASSED on mile 20.

Not sure what I'll use for Marine Corps. Good luck on Chicago. I also sent you an email about GTC...

imtheguz said...

Got the email...will look into it one we get the website link/emails working! I slacked off the XT days as well. I think it is useful to train for 10-15 minutes faster than what you really want. I ran MCM last year not for time, but really enjoyed it!