Sunday, July 3, 2011

Running away from home

It's always a little more difficult to run while away for work. I always say I'll get some rest while I'm away form home, but that never works out. Going to bed late doesn't help with a 5am wake up call to run. Since I will not run on the treadmill at the hotel - I go outside. I run around the hotel, thru the parking lot of the office park it sits in, I run thru a small neighborhood nearby, and I run thru the Parx casino parking lot - up and down empty aisles. For my speedwork session - I do laps around a particular office building. ~1.75laps make up 800m (determined by running my normal warmup pace and going from there). I am glad I don't have to go more than 6 miles on these's a challenge to find just 6 miles there.
I am back home now and another long run completed. 15.3 miles just under my scheduled pace. No complaints other than a 75° starting temp at 5:45am.
14 weeks until Chicago Marathon. I got my plane ticket today to match my brother's leaving time of Sunday 5pm. Quick turnaround (We'll finish by 11:30am), but that will get me back home to the family faster!

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