Saturday, August 27, 2011

Going Long...again and again

I had to take a few days off after my last post - the start of a cold before a 3-day trip to Pennsylvania. Still ran speedwork up there, but my tempo run never happened. Last weekend's run was not the best either. Started struggling early, but still ran 17 of my scheduled 20. Oh well - it happens. You never know how thew run is going to be...just have to go out and hope it's going to be a good day!
Got my running in last week. I am having a little foot issue that crept up the last few days...almost like a bone-bruise just under the base of my 2nd toe, right foot. Just an infrequent annoyance right now. while I'm nitpicking about pains - my left knee just below the kneecap has been a little tender too the last few weeks. Also just an annoyance at times.
Got an invite for a run this weekend...
This ~20 mile trail run at Camp Croft was to celebrate the birthday of a Pirate (AKA Charles, AKA Raff, etc). After of few days of thinking about it - I decided the group already going made this one not to miss...Psyche, Jason, Seth (Croft Half RD), Joe, Joy, Terri, and of course - The Pirate!
Sadly - Seth could not make it and the rest of us started off at 8:30ish. After some initial conversation with Charles and Psyche, they dropped back to run with Terri, and the rest of us stayed together for the duration. (Never get enough time with them - such nice people!)
We never pushed too hard, steadily moving, walking much of the uphills, chatting the whole way about anything running and non-running.
Dodged some horses, had to navigate a stretch of mud that almost ate Joy's shoes, put up ribbons so the other group could follow us, stopped ~halfway to refill our water that Jason had stashed (He also provided us with goody bags - awesome!)
We ended up running 3:33 for about 19 miles and I think we all felt great afterwards. My long runs have been very good overall and I may be getting too confident. I am so looking forward to getting back on the trails after Chicago.

the uphill mud section (after the stream crossing)

Lake Johnson

Joe and Jason finishing up

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