Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Counting down until Chicago Marathon

Starting to make plans for Chicago and I'd like to go ahead and start packing, but it is still 10 days before I leave. I am however already looking at the 10 day weather outlook - I never learn.
This morning, it showed a low of 57 and a high of 79. This evening - it is showing a high of 67 and a low of 52. Why do I bother?

Lining up some family visits while we're there (my dad's side of the family is from there), wondering about dinners and where to catch some college football Saturday afternoon.

And, oh yeah - the race.
Been thinking more about running with my brother (and with people in general). I ran a 5k completely with someone for their 1st one and that was good. That was 9 years ago and ~6 minutes slower than my previous 5k's. I have run with my brother two other times - the Xterra 10k Scramble back in 2004 (was pretty comfortable the whole time) and the 2009 McDonald's Richmond Half Marathon in which we were well matched.
I know I am better prepared for longer distances right now than he is (his long runs have been minimal), and I have no idea how he'll handle the extra distance, but there is no telling how the race will go for us. Either way - I'll run with him as much as I can - even if it comes to walking us in.
I'm thinking we'll start at a 9:00-9:15/mi pace and see how long we can hang on. First of all - I am curious how starting that slow will effect my later miles.
I usually start off comfortable, but faster than I should, hang on as long as I can, and then slowing by a minute per mile from ~15 to mile 21 or so on. Let's see if that is true!

Myrtle Beach: Mile 15 - 9:06; Mile 21 - 10:23
Marine Corps: Mile 14 - 8:49; Mile 19 - 9:41
Charlotte: Mile 19 - 8:59; Mile 22 - 9:50
Windermere (Spokane): Mile 15 - 8:51; Mile 20 - 9:40
NYC: Mile 14 - 9:24; Mile 21 - 10:19

I'd love to run a near-even split one day. Doubt this will be the event for that.

Running since the Asheville Half has been so-so. Heavy legs one day, speedwork in a complete downpour (and still didn't have to think too hard choosing that over the treadmill) and a mediocre 13 miler on the weekend. At least my speedwork this morning was decent...hit my times (5x1000m at 4:16), but was only just a hair faster than the same workout 11 weeks ago.

Still wanting to pack...

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