Sunday, October 2, 2011

One more week before Chicago Marathon

So I started getting things together 3-4 days ago - I just couldn't help it, even thought he race is still 1 week away. My Gu's, bib-belt, few more little things, and socks. 3 pair as I could not decide yet which will be my race-day pair. My Balega standard ones, my newer Balega (geared more for trails), or a pair of my smart wool. After today's run - I've made my decision (but I'll still likely bring all three - just in case).
On tap for today was 10 miles at an 8:23 pace. Coldest temps so far with it being ~48° at 8:30am. No complaints from me. I still thought I was overdressed (after removing my outer shirt and gloves after 1 mile) and thought I would have been fine in a t-shirt instead of a long sleeve with my shorts...

Started out on pace, feeling average. I had a thought after my 1st mile that I should slow down in order to run a negative split. Didn't happen (the slowing-down part). Three or four miles in felt good and I cruised from then on. Halfway (5.1mi) in 43:13. I mostly ran each of the last 7 laps as fast or faster than the previous one...last lap being my fastest. Total time of 1:24:38 gave me a 41:25 2nd half and I was feeling good! (Smart wool it is!)
Looking back to just before my marathon PR in Charlotte (Dec 2009) - Same distance, 20 seconds faster this time around. I believe I am in PR shape, but with no plans to test it out - we'll never know! Maybe I'll try to fit one in March/April 2012.

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