Thursday, March 1, 2012


So - After a disappointing (to say the least) Harbison 50k in early January - my motivation was GONE. Didn't want to think about any race of any distance. I kept running 20-30 miles a week though, now having done 7 weeks of speedwork and tempo runs. Have not run over 13.5 miles at a time - but that will come back. I am just beginning to consider racing again, just not sure when or what distance.
Not going to rush into another 50k (or more) undertrained (we'll see about that!).

Right now - plan is to keep the speedwork/tempo runs going and "think" about extending my long run to 15-18 miles again, maybe every other week, pushing my weekly avg up to 35 (or what it was training for Chicago, but with shorter runs).

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