Saturday, March 24, 2012

Just running

Still have not signed up for another race, but my running has gone remarkably well and I have 2 races planned right now. Let's catch up on my training first.
I started something new the week after my Laurel Fork Falls run - I started running 5 days a week. I've purposefully never ran 5 days a week before, but thought I'd see how it goes. So each week I am doing 4mi hills (ICAR), speedwork (6-7mi), a tempo run (6-10mi), another 6mi hills (ICAR) and I am back to doing a longer run. After my run tomorrow morning, this will be 4 weeks in a row with 37+ miles. That is a first for me. I am surprised how well it's gone (and with yoga twice a week). Last weekend's long run was 17 and it was so easy. 2nd half faster than the first, and my last mile was my fastest. I also just restarted my speedwork/FIRST program to just a bit faster than I had been doing 3:40 training from a 3:45 marathon training plan.
I was contemplating an April race, either Sweet H2O 50k, Southern Blue 1 day relay, or Xterra Hickory Knob (3.7mi + 7.2mi double event), each one the weekend of April 21st. In the end, I think I just decided none of those, as that weekend may not work for me (maybe a work-travel thing). I'd love to do any of them though...tough calls.
What I am signing up for soon is the Race For Awesomeness (12hr, Individual, Day - not the 24 hr, or the relay, or the Night run) on June 2nd. I really want 50 miles. 53 would be even better - a double marathon. Heat will be a factor, but I will prep as well as I can. And isn't that the best name for a race??

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