Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sick week

What I don't like about traveling for work is that I often come home and get sick. After a wonderful run last weekend, I went out for my usual Monday morning 4 miles and it felt horrible. I stopped after 2.4 miles and wondered what was going on. That afternoon it started hitting me - a head cold. Luckily, I think I kicked it pretty quickly; worked from home 2 days and ran again Friday (6 miles - felt much more normal) after 3 days off.
Tomorrow I will do an easy 15 I think (have family in town) very early. That'll make 23 for the week, a true recovery week!
Two other notes today: How difficult running that Monday was and the first few miles of my Friday run makes me realize how much my body really was affected during the 2012 Harbison run from my cold that full week before. No wonder I was practically done after 12 miles.
Also - this week got to the end of my MS Excel worksheet. Columns in my version only go to IV. That covered from Dec 2007 until now. I moved 2012 to a new tab and in another 5 years or so, I'll have to open a new one!

One more thing - I am leaning towards the October running of the New River 50k for my "other" fall race instead of the Triple Lakes 40 miler. My friend Dan already registered for it, so that is a bonus. This will go along with the Buncombe 55k (Sept) and the Camp Croft Half (Nov). A little break before my return to Harbison!

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