Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gotta be the shoes! (or is it the training?!)

So it looks like I'll only be posting every 2 weeks or so these days...blogging takes a back seat to most things. Hope my few readers don't mind! Sadly - Not much is being missed other than just running. Still no races. Getting a bit antsy and halfway wish I was running SweetH2O on the 21st.
Training is going well. (Is it "training" if I am not scheduled for a race?). How well?

In my 6th week of between 36-43 miles/wk - averaging just over 39 mi/wk. My typical is more towards 33mi/wk going into this.. I have done 39 a week before, for 3 weeks, as I was training for Chicago Marathon and my running was going particularly well. I was running a bit faster then, but I'm getting that back too.
Speedwork, temp runs and 2 hill sessions seem to be working. Last 4 long runs have been 17,18,13&18. If I do 20 this weekend (may do more, we'll see), that'll make 46 for the week - before playing golf Sunday.
Today after work - went out to Paris Mountain. Only been there once this year, back in January. I recently bought some Brooks Cascadias and have worn them once for a 6 miles at Lake Conestee before today. Man they feel light compared to my Asics 2160 trails shoes!!
I ran the upper loop and then came down and ran the 7k course (trails only, leaving out the road portion). Legs felt very strong for most of the 1st part and my time really showed that. I've run that loop in just under 57 minutes just a few times. Today's loop: 51:43. Whew! Wasn't even spent as I went down and ran the lower loop in my fastest time too: ~37.
Shoes or training?

Either way - I'll take it!

I need to sign up for something...Black Mountain 12hr is about to be mine!

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