Sunday, September 2, 2012

August Recap

Hmmm, I seemed to have missed August. Yes - that means no races.
After a little recovery week after the Camp Croft Trail Marathon (25 miles), I ramped it up quickly with just over 46 the following week. The 22 mile long run was pretty good - 11 miles on the road before the park opened, then another 11 at Paris Mountain. Was a warm one, but felt pretty good.
The following week (8/13-19) was good until the weekend. 27 during the week, but then vacation started and my long run at the beach was miserable, so it ended up being only 7.5 miles. Not sure what happened, but every run at the beach was terrible - much too hot and just could not get going. Even my long run once I returned wasn't any better. My expected 22 turned into 12. Ugh.
Then this past week - not much better. Decent speedwork (but still slower than I was hoping) and I still made it thru 24 miles during the week. Finally today - a breakthough. 6 on the roads were ok. Once I got back on the trails at Paris Mountain (doing the GTC 7k course three times), things got better the more I ran. Ended with 19 this morning and still feeling good. Will boost my confidence a bit with the Buncombe 34 miler 2 weeks out.

My yo-yo weekly mileage is almost funny, starting this week and going backwards:
35.1 (Trail ~marathon)
17.9 (Juarez/CA work trips

Not too consistent, but averaging 34.5, I'll take it.

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