Sunday, September 9, 2012

Taper for Buncombe 55k

So my training has not been going as well, with the difficult beach/vacation week and post-beach letdown. Last weekend's long run was somewhat better though, with 6 on the road and another 12-13 at Paris Mountain. Seemed to feel better once I hit 10 miles...being on the trails always helps.
My weekly runs suffered this week with a head cold, that slowly moved down into my chest. Speedwork had to be skipped.
I had something similar the week before Harbison 50k in January and I paid for it dearly come race-day.
I am hopeful this being 1-2 weeks out will make a difference.
My run today, 11.5 or so at Lake Conestee was good, with my 2nd "loop" 2 minutes faster than my first.
Temps dropped significantly last night and it was still in the mid 60's at 8:30am. So refreshing after being out in the 90's. Next weekends forecast calls for a low of 64° and a high of 80°. Little warmer start, but generally similar to the Enoree 40mi I enjoyed on the same Palmetto Trail last May. (This event starts at the same place and instead of going 20mi out and back one way, goes the opposite direction: 5 miles out, 24 mi loop, and 5miles back in).
Already made my decision on hydration: 2 handhelds. I will also be marking the course map/direction on my arm. I will be responsible about knowing the course!!

Taking it easy this week as I usually do race-week. A little speedwork and a comfortable 4 miler. Hope I'm ready!

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Psyche said...

hey, Guz! You're gonna do great! Go for it!