Thursday, March 27, 2008

Last trip. For this month!

One last trip coming up - starts today. Leaving temps in the 70's for 6 days with highs of 40 and snow showers. Not a good trade, but we'll see how my long run (11miles) turns out this weekend. I've had a sore right heel this week, so we'll see how that fairs as well.
Ran the Duke Cross Country course (Al Buehler Trail) this past weekend. Makes me really wish we had trails like that spread across our area. Nice 2.91 mile loop, gravel (very finely packed). Hilly too, and great to see lots of people on it at 8am on a Sunday morning. 2 loops felt great. Reading the latest Go Magazine on running trails got the urge in me going again...I used to run Paris Mountain State Park trails pretty regularly, among others. Not so much anymore. Maybe this will start me up again!
Registered for the Biltmore 15k set for mid May. Will be good to set a PR for a new distance...Also will register for the Greer Half Marathon. Haven't done that one either. Guess I should drive the course sometime. I like knowing the course beforehand - what to expect, whether I will tire myself out completely in the first half. Being able to look forward to certain landmarks gives me a way to break the race down into smaller segments.
Gotta go catch my plane...missed my workout today - so maybe I'll just walk around the Chicago Airport!

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