Sunday, March 2, 2008

Recording an Engineer, & NYC!

I am an Engineer. I like spreadsheets. I also am kind of a pack rat. So - it should come as no surprise that I keep records of my runs - training and races. The 31st Reedy River Run yesterday was my 62nd race/event. 60 of those since 2000 (the 1st two were in Clemson back in 1994 - I wouldn't call myself a runner then, but they still count). Everything is recorded - from my bib number, time, and finish place, to my overall finish percentage. I like stats and have each mile split as well for most of the races. I have separate sheets for each race distance too. I have recently begun looking at them before races to get a feel for how I performed in the same race in previous years. Can't say I change much about my next race based on what I see beforehand - but I like to look anyway. I track my workouts in a similar manner (using the Runners World Training Log), recording temps, times, even shoes/clothes I wear. I don't think it is that odd.
Since I do my long slow runs at pretty much the same location (more on that in another post) - I can easily track my progress on each lap I do. This helps when it comes time to train for a marathon, which I am just beginning to do again.
I registered for the New York City Marathon Lottery last week.
The application process just began and is open until June I believe. The lottery is in Mid-June, so I will know then whether or not I got in. This is my 2nd year in a row to attempt to get in. After 3 consecutive years of Not getting in, the following year you are automatically accepted (So NYC in 2010 here I come!). Worked out fine last year, as my body wasn't cooperatingall the time, but I did my 1st Half marathon in 6 years. My body chose to really Not cooperate that day either - with my knee hurting from mile 4 on. Didn't come up once in training, even on a few 10-12 mile runs a couple weeks before. Very frustrating to have that appear out of nowhere. Was still very happy with my time, but disappointing in how much of a better race I could have had (not just in time, but in how I felt!). Of course - that goes in my log book too.

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