Sunday, March 9, 2008

Work) Travel and Exercise (Mexico, Philly & Spokane)

Since I am traveling for work quite a bit over the next 3-4 weeks, I thought I'd ramble about exercising while I am gone, out of my routine. The first part of planning is making sure I am in a hotel that, at a minimum, can keep me occupied with a treadmill and/or stationary bike. Ones near trails or parks are even better. A last resort is having a road outside that is "safe" to run by. Sadly - sometimes you have No choice. My 1st trip - to Juarez Mexico - I will be in a hotel. Just being in Mexico makes it much more difficult to get outside and do anything, no car, poorly maintained roads, dirt/dust and a few crazy drivers. So I am relegated to stay indoors. Instead of my daily runs outside - I will hit the treadmill a few days. This of course has to be arranged so I can still "be a team player" and do dinner with the hosts and my other travel companions. (I don't always do this, but try to be social every so often). I'll alternate days with the stationary bike. Both of these means either early mornings or late evenings (after my food settles). Anyway.

My 2nd trip this month is to just outside Philadelphia. I've been there enough to know what websites to look at for upcoming races, etc in the area. I've also found a great State Park (Tyler State Park) with excellent trails and even a covered bridge. It is frequented by area cross country teams too - so there is plenty to keep you company. Also - plenty of deer! Doubt I'll make it up there this trip as I am only there 2 nights, the first of which is when I arrive).

The last of my planned work trips is to Spokane, WA. The Centennial Trail runs right behind the hotel I stay at. Enough to satisfy any distance run. Good for running in the snow or sun. When the snow is gone - there are bikes to borrow to ride also. Didn't quite make it to Idaho (2 miles short), but considering I hadn't been on a bike in quite a while and I still had to go back, I'd save it for another trip. I'd suggest Riverside State Park to go a little further off track. I know there are Plenty of other trails in WA, ID and MT, but I've only made 3 trips out there so far. Sadly - will miss the annual Bloomsday Run in May. Look it up - reminds me of the Cooper River Bridge Run, but More popular. 12k distance I think, so if I do it - I can have a new PR. Maybe in 2009!

Well - I'll make the best of it, and will have most of the weekends upcoming back here for my long slow runs. One long run in Spokane, but I at least know the trail there.
Until I get back...

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Anonymous said...

Somehow you managed to put "treadmill" next to "work". We take it you boss don't read blogs. :)

Snarky remarks aside, yeah, i know all about that road warrior stuf. Gets old pretty fast. Good job managing to research trails and stuff. Somewhat easier now that so much information is available and indexed by google for that easy find.