Wednesday, August 27, 2008

18, Achilles?

So I did 18 on Sunday, outdoing my longest last week by 2 miles, and boy did that make a difference! Ran about the pace I wanted (little faster as usual), finishing in 2:37. FYI - my splits take up 2 of the 3 lines in my running journal! Those last 2 were tough. Just generally - nothing in particular hurt, so that was good. After watching the men's marathon at the Beijing Olympics the night before - at a ridiculous pace - I couldn't complain too much! Just the normal ankles and sore thighs. Monday was yoga and thought nothing of it until Tuesday for my scheduled 2 miles at 9:10 pace. Warm up 0.9mi lap of 7:24 followed by 6:35 lap. I obviously felt good! Next lap was 3/4 the way around at a slightly slower pace when my right Achilles got sore. I walked slowly the rest and am wondering how it will be for my 6miles tomorrow. almost 2 full days of rest, some ice and we'll see tomorrow! Cross your fingers for me!!!

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