Friday, August 22, 2008


So I am still (mostly) riding my bike to work once a week. Changed things up this week and rode in on Wednesday as the end of this week had some rain expected. Of course it hasn't shown up yet today. Decided to skip the gym (and the stationary bike) today, and Saturday is my usual day off before my Sunday long run.
So I did some speed work yesterday. Schedule had me doing 7 miles including warmup and cooldown. 3x1600m @ 7:15 pace with 800m jogs in between. earlier this week I planned out how I was going to do this (# warm up laps, how I'd run the middle faster pace, etc). Getting up at 5:10am somehow made me forget exactly what the plan was. After the third fast lap, I had to really convince myself it was for my own good that I do the scheduled last quick one. And I listened, but it was not easy. My fast laps (at ~.9mi to a lap, close enough for these) were 6:11, 6:18, :6:13 and 6:21, so I think I may have been just a hair faster than needed, yet again. Later that morning I looked at my real schedule and saw I was only supposed to do the 3 fast wonder it wasn't easy! I guess I am better for it, but still! I'll pay better attention next time!
Sunday is the 18 miler - yes, that is 20 laps around and around. Still haven't been listening to my ipod shuffle when I run...Guess I feel the need to concentrate on my running. Anyway - I'll let you know how it goes!

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