Monday, August 18, 2008

longest run in 7+ years

16.2 miles yesterday morning! Longest run since my only marathon in June 2001. Woke up to a surprise thunderstorm around 4:30am (after watching Olympics until 11). Mulled it over and decided I might as well get up as planned at 5:15 and get ready to run. It's only a 10 minute drive to Oak Grove Lake where I run, but I thought I'd head out and wait out the lightning. It was only 67 degrees, which is heaven compared to the 70+ temps I have been running in, throw in the rain and it was very pleasant. I didn't have to wait too long and still began just after 6am. Started with a light jacket and the reflective vest, but after ~4 miles, could take them both off so ran in a singlet. Rain came down pretty constantly the whole run. Plan was 9:10/mile pace and ended up doing about 8:45/mile at a constant pace. Had my Gu (I alternate between Chocolate Outrage and Vanilla - today was a vanilla day) at the halfway point. Read somewhere (Runner's World, an autographed copy of a Galloway Running book I picked up this weekend, or somewhere else, I forget!) that every hour or running needs to be supplemented with carbs. I usually only do water during runs and Gatorade afterwards (fruit punch or the clear version), so maybe I will re-think that next weekend when I have an 18 planned for Sunday.
The rain certainly brought fewer people out, although there is one guy training for Spinx (I think) that runs there, does a few laps, then heads back out and returns later on. He's a week ahead in his training, so he was probably doing a similar distance, if not farther. Always good to see other runners who don't mind a little rain!
So - I felt OK after my run. Once I got home and ate some more (was a little hungry the last few miles - -may also need to re-think only having half a bagel before my Longer runs!) - my feet/ankles were sore. Everything else felt pretty good. Wore my new 2130's for the 3rd time I think and no blisters whatsoever! Use just a little vaseline on a couple spots as usual, so I'd say they are now broken in.
Looking at other people's blogs - I should also put in my recent training runs - it will get me on here a little more often!
Next training: yoga today and a 2 miler tomorrow that I will make 3.

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