Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Carrying on...30k Trail Race

So - it's hard to believe it's barely been a week and a half since the BRR. We have another group Barley's night tomorrow and I'm sure it will be discussed even more. The April 2010 American Odyssey Relay Run Adventure is what we're shooting for. I have a suspicion that Every other relay we do will seem easy compared to the BRR. Looking at the course legs for this one, seeing Very Hard, the elevation - and it makes me thingk it's only Very Hard because of the mileage. Whatever! Looks like most of us have said we're in - so that's good.
My training since has gone well. My soreness after BRR last a day and a half, then I was back doing my tempo run (7 miles), speedwork (ladders down from 1.2k to 400m), then my long run this past Sunday. I covered 17.3 miles in 2:33. Because of my poor hill running in the BRR, I added a decent hill climb/loop into my route and went up 4 times during my run. I'll be better prepared for the next race with hills! Speaking of next races - I got the go ahead to do the Salem Lakes 30k this Saturday morning. 6+ miles out around the lake, plus an extra 5+ miles on a Greenway, then turnaround and come back. I will PR as I've never done a 30k event before - always a plus. With an 8am start, I'll want to be up there by 7am, so give me 3 hrs to get up there just in case, and I'll have to leave at 4am. Fun! I did get a full 8 hours the night after the BRR ended - that is the extent of making up for lost sleep, but I'm pretty used to it by now. Kerrie may join me for that race - she's done it before and enjoyed it - would make the drive more enjoyable; we certainly had fun on our last road trip! I had some left ankle soreness after my long run, but was fine for my speedwork this morning. Whew. Want to keep up my 30+ mile weeks! I must say - I am looking forward to my day off from runing/working out tomorrow. I wasn't thrilled with doing 3miles @ 7:02 pace with a 1 minute rest interval. I was ready to stop after the first mile (after the 2 mile warmup), but pushed thru it and was close to my marks. 7:03, 7:06 and 7:03. I'll take it! Next up, 6 more on Thursday. Oh - calling for some rain on the weekend - that would make the run fun now, wouldn't it?!


Kathrin said...

Wow, you got right back into your marathon training. Great job! I still haven't found my legs yet since all these knee troubles started... Tonight I will give it another try! :-)

imtheguz said...

Hope your run went ok!!