Tuesday, September 8, 2009

FIRST, Paris Mtn, BRR, Thunder Road

Much to say, so I'll get to it!
FIRST - the Run Less Run Faster book I got at the book sale for $3 motivated me to change my whole marathon training for Thunder Road December 12th. Based on my recent runs, training and races, I decided I would push myself and use the Boston Marathon qualifying plan (oh - it's for 34 year old females) to break 3:40. Yes - that would be a 21 minute PR! Ouch. I did modify it so instead of doing two twenty milers on the weekends I have my half marathons planned (Oct 31 and Nov 12), I moved them a week off, so I'll only do 4 twenty milers instead of 5. If I only run a 3:43 becasue of that, so be it!

My Thunder Road training called for 13 miles this past weekend. Some Blue Ridge Relay teammates were going to run Paris Mountain (Altamont Road), so I decided to run 6 miles before meeting them. Ran the 5k Furman Lake loop twice, then met them and started off from McAllister's Auditorium. My legs were very heavy during the 1st six miles, but I guess warmed up for the rest. started up the base of the mountain and eventually slowed waaaay down. Had only driven over once before doing so today, and ran to the top once - nonstop I might add. Go me! Not as good this time as I walked 3 times before making it to the top. This climb pretty much mimics my last leg of the BRR, so I figured the 6 miles beforehand would handicap me to some extent...the next 4+ miles downhill were fine and the days total was 2 hrs 10 minutes for ~13.5 miles.
Today was speedwork and again, I didn't do it right. My plan called for 4x800 @3:23 w/2min Rest Intervals. Last night - I wrote it down to take to the track (Mauldin Middle School, newly paved) as 4x800@ 3:32 w/2min RIs = 1:16/lap. What kind of dyslexic math is that?! I is an engineer.What I Actually ran was 6x400 @3:25 (meaning to run 3:23's). Had the BRR headlamp going so I could see my pace in the 6am darkness, also to dodge the 5 others out there. Was tough, but good to know I could manage it. PLan is for 7 miles Thursday, 5 @8:23 or so. May do a few easy ones int he morning, we'll see how I feel.

Blue Ridge Relay starts Thursday and I am very excited. Our whole team is. Emails are flying back and forth discussing who is bringing what (whiffle ball/bat, gatorade, and lights). People are trying to figure out what exactly we're doing, what is needed, etc. It's crazy, but will be a blast!
Leaving Thursday 4:30pm so we can arrive in Boone, NC (3 hours away) in time for the Clemson-Ga Tech football game (and the Pittsburgh Steelers NFL opener also). There will be beer to be had! We may be twittering...I don't know. I don't do that.

Last post before heading off to VA....Team Do Not Resuscitate!

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