Wednesday, September 30, 2009

mid week update

Not much going on - did my speedwork yesterday and it was easier than it had been. 2x1200, 2min RI's, 4x800, 2min RI's. 2 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down. I had never been good about doing the warm up/cooldown thing before, but really take advantage of it - especially the cooldowns where I can push 10:00 minute miles. Tomorrow is a tempo run of 6 miles ,5 @ a 7:50 pace, so not too terrible.
The temperature has come down dramatically, and fast too. Low's in the low-50's. Had to pull out a long sleeve technical shirt (sleeves pushed up, but still) for my run Tuesday. I expect I will be in shorts for the majority of the winter again, with the move to a lunchtime run at some point too.
Last ramble - My long run of 20 miles this weekend. Doing so well on packed dirt got me thinking about venturing away from Oak Grove and the only real place to do that locally is Paris Mountain. So I mapped out a 19-20 mile run. From Sulphur Springs parking lot, run the Mtn Creek trail to Lake Placid, around it and back, take Sulphur Springs up to the top parking lot. continue back down and finish that loop. Do Mtn Creek, Lake loop, Mtn creek back and do Sulphur Springs to the top parking lot. Get on Brissy Ridge to Kanuga, do the North Lake loop, to Pipsissewa, back to Brissy and return to the top parking lot, continue down on Sulphur Springs and I'm done. 19.5 miles is what I have that at. May change it up a bit...having tired legs coming Down Sulphur Springs may be too much, I have a route that has me ending with the out and back on Mtn Creek, so a gentle 2.6 miles at the end. We'll see. With the temps being nicer - I can feel ok about starting at 8am. I amy just be a little overconfident, but it'll be worth a shot and good training no matter how far I end up!

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