Thursday, November 5, 2009

Spinx Run Fest Race Report

So I really wasn't sure how well I would feel for the Spinx Run Fest Half Marathon on Saturday. Weather turned out great. The light rain kept it cool, even with the temps hanging around 60°. Saw a few of the GTC crowd and met up with my co-worker and his wife who were also running the half (and her dad who was running the 5k). Saw a few costumes as this was Halloween. Skipped one last bathroom pitstop due to long lines before heading to the start line and that played into the whole race. Started off just outside Fluor Field (home of the Greenville Drive) and a downhill, and the first 7 miles or so were relatively downhill. I missed the first mile marker (how I don't know as they were about 8 feet tall!) and came thru the 2nd mile in 15:30. Ooops. Was expecting, planning, hoping for more like 16:45. But I felt good, slowed down just a little bit to 7:50,s then 8:10's. Ran with some people on and off - my rabbit (Linny) passed me after mile 2 or 3 and stayed about a minute ahead of me, knowing I would have a hard time catching him. Another GTC friend, John, ran near me for a while as we watched Linny ahead of us. Found another person I ran speedwork with Many years ago, I still see her around and we still have similar times. Coming off the Swamp Rabbit Trail onto Cleveland Street (Swamp Rabbit was very nice, reminiscent of the Centennial Trail out in Spokane, but without the raging river and remote feeling; spongy-surface gives too much for me though) started the hills and I started making up time. Left my friends and slowly made up some ground, keeping a good minute and a half off my PR from 2001. Made it to 10 miles in 1:20 and some change. My 1:47:00 time could possibly be broken. I was torn after the first 2 miles about whether or not to stop for a bathroom break, and ended up deciding against it - didn't want to waste that minute, and it took my mind off my running! I finally caught Linny with 2 miles to go and he helped me along and I knew I'd break my PR. He let me know what was ahead and I had no trouble with the hills - and no pain, just the heavy legs that I am becoming all too familiar with. A few too many fumes on Augusta Road too, but we made it to the outside of the stadium together and I took off as we entered the warning track. Could see the finish and knew it was almost over...1:45:35! Wow - who knew I had that in me. I sure didn't. I hadn't come within 13 minutes of that my last 2 attempts (granted, I wasn't pushing in Asheville, and that had Serious hills, and the heat of Greer killed me), but to break an 8-1/2 year PR is wonderful to me.

So now - of 9 race distances I keep track of (2mi, 5k, 8k, 10k, 15k, 10mi, half, 30k and full), Eight of them have been broken in the last 18 months - the only one standing is from April 2001 - Cooper River Bridge 10k where I ran 46:04 for a 7:25 pace. There are still 2 (2mi & 15k) I know I can improve on because I have run faster than that in longer events. That 10k though - that will be tough...

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