Saturday, November 28, 2009

last 2 weeks...

Have some family in town over the Thanksgiving Day holiday, so haven't had much computer time. Last weekend's final long run was sort of successful - I completed the 19.6 mile run. Time-wise was fine, but I slowed down considerably the final 2-3 miles. I got cold, was very hungry and had zero energy. Makes me re-think my pre-race food. Usually it's just a bagel or two. During my long run today (tapering long run was only ~13 today) I tried to eat a protein bar while I ran and that seemed just fine. No hunger/energy issues, just got worn out by the hills. What hills? Paris Mountain. Decided to join in the GTC's training run for the 20k road race, so we ran the course. I'd never done that before - only the mountain and back once almost exactly a year ago, then before the Blue Ridge Relay, I did went over the mountain to CVS for the 6.5 miles (after 6 miles around the Furman lake). Still walked too much, though I got off track thru the neighborhoods (but didn't), didn't enjoy the angle of the shoulder along Poinsett Hwy, but finished in 1:50.Knew a handful of people (BRR pals Terry ran and did fine, beating me by a good 8 minutes; Kerri had just finihsed when we were starting; Kelly was up towards the front the whole way and was off running some more when I finished). Weather was fine...started about 39°, but warmed to the upper 40's. Shorts were fine. Other random notes:
Terry is doing Charlotte and drove the course recently. Not pretty. All hills up or down. I did register yesterday though. I have no real time goal. Breaking 4 hrs would be nice, but I'll take a finish, even with supposedly being in the best-shape/most-prepared ever.
Still planning on driving up that morning unless there's weather issues to deal with or Elenia really wants to see me race.
Started working in my new (unworn, but bought in Spokane back in May) 2130's, just after the 2150's came out. Dealing with a blister that consistently forms on the tip of my 2nd toe, right foot. That's a new one, but started with my previous shoes. What to do??
Speedwork last week had me doing 8x800's. Yuck. So the Yasso 800's would have me finishing a marathon in 3:26. I don't think so!! I rheard someone ask him about that at the Richmond Expo, but didn't stick around to hear the answer. I knew better for my case at least.
"See Dane Run" - another running book on my shelf I have now finished. A Good read. More soon!

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