Thursday, August 19, 2010

Speedwork and sweat rate

So my scheduled speedwork for Tuesday was 2 miles warmup, 2x1200m, 4x800m all with 2min rest intervals. Weather is still ridiculous - around 74 and extremely humid.

Sweat Rate: I read in Runner's World after my long run Sunday that every pound you lose is worth 16oz of fluid that you should be replacing. With Sunday's intake and 3 pounds lost - I was missing 48oz over those 3 hours. I should have taken 128oz of fluid in. That's roughly a 20oz bottle every half hour. Wow.

Anyway - speedwork Tuesday. So hot. 2 miles wore me out. 1st 1200m was on my target time of 5:25. after my RI of 2 minutes - I started running and after a quarter of a lap, gave up. Flat out gave up. Knew I had nothing to give, or at least not enough to pull out of me. I did my required distance. my 4x800's at 3:33 turned into 4x800m at 4:00. Pitiful. Last year I could do 8x800's at 3:23 (it was 50° and I had more mileage base working for me).
Can only hope I will get stronger with more mileage, cooler temps. Signing up tomorrow for the River Bound Half Marathon. That course took a lot out of me on the 15k there, but it is a good course and I get to see people I enjoy. I hope to do slightly better (but I'm not holding my breath - I'll enjoy it no matter how I feel).

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Kathrin said...

I have the same thought pattern... Once the temps go down, running should be a BREEZE!

Trail Half Marathon... Interesting... But probably a little to early for me to shoot for that kind of distance. Still... Interesting!