Saturday, August 14, 2010

Playing catch-up

Sadly - my running blog has taken a back seat to life lately. Ok - maybe that's not so sad, that is just what it is right now. I have been running, it's just been slower, hotter and harder than it has been. I'm hoping my body remembers soon enough for the Blue Ridge Relay coming up Sept 17-18th. I have been going thru a little race withdrawal with some friends doing triathlons (Kathrin and Kristen) and the Paris Mountain 7k trail race going on this morning that I passed up. Part of me would have liked to see how I'd fare compared to last year, but another part of me doesn't want to see it. I also have a planned 18 miler tomorrow morning. My 17 miler didn't quite happen, but I ran 14 miles along the lakefront in Milwaukee. I missed going out with the Milwaukee marathon training group as I missed the Lake Park entrance on the opposite side of the road that I was running on when I was expecting it to be on the lake side. Oh well - they were very welcoming via email and I saw many large groups heading back there as I was finishing up. Certainly would have helped to have run in a group. Milwaukee is a very bike/run friendly town, the Oak Leaf Trail is one of many well used avenues. The old RR line is well shaded and maintained and I saw many people during my 6 miler on Thursday morning. So many access points as it goes thru the city.
My legs have still been quite weak/heavy, but I did have one good run this week. After only meeting my planned time on 2 of the 3x1600m intervals on Tuesday (and some hills on Wednesday), my tempo run Friday was good. Legs had some kick and only on my recovery laps did they feel weak. Our BRR2 is only 5 weeks away, so I hope to keep logging the miles and get stronger. Still wearing the orthotics, even though I am 98% healthy. Maybe I'll try a run without them next week.
Our BRR@ team has a new member - Kelly (KB in previous post). Our shirt design is complete:

Kudos to Alex for once again creating a great design using our usual Calvin, a new slogan for
BRR2: Electric Bugaloo.
We are slowly getting organized...more on this in the coming weeks!
11 more weeks to Marine Corps Marathon. Right now I'd say about a 4:15-4:20 finish.
Front & Back of T-Shirt

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