Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2011 Plans - 4 months out.

Whoa - back to back posts!
Just some thoughts on my 2011 racing plans. As of today, anyway. I try to do ~12 events a year in order to keep time for family and that seems to work out pretty well. Some weekends are harder than others to get the time out (even at 5am), but I do what I have to.
Jan: Harbison 50k (done!)
Feb: Skipping my usual Green Valley 10 miler this Saturday as I have Myrtle Beach Marathon 1 week later.
Mar:  Likely skipping my usual, and longest consecutive running event (only 5 in a row, but I ran No races in 2005) in the Reedy River 10k.
Apr: Close to having an 8 or 9 person team for the Southern Blue 200 mile Relay across Northern Georgia. Looks like a good course, challenging, especially with ~9 people. Means 4 legs and ~22-33 miles.
May: Enoree Passage 40 miler. Still in the plans - will have to see how MB goes and my recovery from that slow race. Also signed up for the Long Cane 50k at the end of the month. 4 weeks between these two, so we'll see!
After that - a break and start Chicago Marathon training (speedwork!) to break 4 hours with my brother in October!

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