Monday, February 28, 2011

Updates on timing/running

I did finally get my results entered in the official results. They were wrong, but I got them!
They gave me my "Chip" time (4:14:14) as my "Gun" time (actually 4:15:33 according to the finish line video available on - use bib #547 in the search to see me). So they had my finish time as 4:13:56 for some unknown reason.

My running went well this week. 4+ miles Wednesday; 6 hilly miles in heavy wind/rain on Friday; 8.5 miles Sunday that felt very good. Recovery complete!!
This week's (starting tomorrow) highlights - speedwork resumes after a LONG hiatus, then a 12 miler back on the trails at Paris Mountain! So looking forward to that!

Chicago Marathon has less than 5,000 entries left. Sending in my qualifying time to be in Corral C tomorrow. Under 3:55 for the full marathon since early 2009. My 3:53 for Charlotte counts! With my brother's 1:44 half-marathon time - we can both be in that corral.

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