Sunday, February 13, 2011


Less than a week before Myrtle Beach and I am fighting off a cold. Fever, throat, nose, aches, blah blah blah. Tried going out for my planned 13 mile run yesterday and the first 5-6 miles were decent. Under 9 minute/mile pace. Then it all caught up to me. Legs not feeling it, cardio gone. Ran during my daughter's naptime, which also turned out to be too soon after lunch (had been ok in the past, but it was almost 60° by the time I finished), so that didn't help matters. I gave up after 10 miles and went home feeling like next Saturday would be totally unpleasant.
Hoping it is just the sickness. Hoping I feel better soon.
I didn't feel 100% prepared last year and it was canceled - no chance of that this year. Lows around 48° with a high Saturday of 64°. It's going to get warm! That won't help me either.

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