Monday, March 21, 2011

More trails!

After a decent week with some more speedwork - I've reverted back to the Beginning of a 16-week training plan instead of jumping right into the last 8 weeks of marathon training speedwork sessions) - I was back at Paris Mountain for another ~15 miles. I was happy the temps were better and the sun stayed away, so I was much more comfortable. Loop 1 (with the extra lap around the north lake) was completed in about 57 minutes. Pretty standard for me these days and I felt I took it pretty easy. 1:17 break to refill my handheld and I was back at it. Wasn't as "easy", but no pains at all. I did stop and watch two very large turkey buzzards perched on a branch while on the Kanuga Trail. I had to dodge a few more bikes this loop as it was Sunday (mountain bikes are not allowed on the trails on Saturday's). Didn't seem like it - but a minute slowed on each section equalled a 1:05 loop.
It's the day after and my I could surprisingly feel my legs. It's been awhile. Not terribly sore, but I could tell I ran yesterday. Next weekend's plan: 12 on Saturday; 18 on Sunday. That will be tough. I am working out of town this week (outside Philly), so having to get my runs in around the hotel. Will Not run on the treadmill here! I had wanted to get together with some other Ultra friends and do ~50k from Bad Creek to Oconee State Park (on the Foothills Trail), but I just don't have the time. Being away from my family all week (and a rescheduled dinner Sat night) won't work. They are a great group of people - would've been such fun!!
On another note...
My size 12 ASICS 2150T trail shoes seem to be no better or no worse than the size 11.5. No info on toenails as that issue only appeared after a 32 mile run. I bring this up because I finally lost a toenail from the Harbison 50k. My little toe - and the new nail is already completely in. Not a big deal - and I have two others that are still hanging on!

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